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"Conversus" (Turn Up) - D-DOTs

In a proper follow up to their colossal debut "The Mummy," D-DOTs return with a future-Moombahton smasher "Conversus" (Turn Up). Other than the "Turn Up" vocal sample the production strays far from your typical Moombah production replacing dancehall vibes with a intoxicating, hallucinatory aura. Be sure to grab your free download by clicking on the Soundcloud link below and for the high quality audio buy a copy!


By Edward Fancher


"Eat Me" (Original Mix) - Habstrakt

This is one of the coolest productions I've heard in a while. When it comes to electronic music, simplicity is the most surefire way to originality, especially with a beat this clean. An offshoot of Moombah with a tinge of bass-driven Techno, "Eat Me" is a slick and potent track that will get those bodily juices flowing through the bouncing reverb line. As the title track, "Eat Me" is the obvious star, but if you're in the mood for some heavier beats be sure to check out the whole 4-track EP. Grab your copy today!

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Epic" (Gent & Jawns Edit) - Sandro Silva & Quintino

When you slap a slick Moombah vibe on top of an already stellar smash hit you get something truly "Epic!" Gent & Jawns are no strangers to producing some of the most innovative remixes about, having tampered with Diplo's "Express Yourself" last year whilst working alongside Datsik and moombah legends Nadastrom. The pair have resurrected Sandro Silva & Quintino's anthem from last season, slowing it right down slapping the original break amongst a 110 BPM rhythm that begs to be enjoyed this summer. Grab the download!

Free Download

By Jordan Webb


Track of the Day: "Night Owl" (Bare Remix) - AC Slater & Nick Thayer

These past couple weeks or so, I've been in somewhat of a musical funk. I've been trying to find some new music, but I've been having a hard time finding exactly what I want to listen to. Fortunately, Bare has come to my rescue with his remix of AC Slater and Nick Thayer's "Night Owl." It’s a departure from some of his remixes in the past, with the biggest difference being that this one is set at 110 BPM. I’m usually a bit cautious when it comes to Dubstep artists making tracks in the Moombahton BPM range, but Bare quickly put my doubts to rest. He mixes his legendary bass wobble so well with the Moombahton beat you’d think he's been making Moombahcore his entire life. It's a superb remix, and it's exactly what I needed to get out of my funk - grab the free download!

By Jack Ulrich

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Track of the Day: "Carried Away" (Dillon Francis Remix) - Passion Pit

With all the hype coming from his Trap releases, I was starting to think Dillon Francis was trying to switch things up on us for good. Yet, here Mr. Francis presents us with another amazing moombahton remix ("MOOMBAHTON ON ACID" to be exact). The song was initially promoted through a Sony interview/YouTube advertisement where Dillon and Passion Pit discuss the art of remixing. One thing both artists mention is the need for the remixer to bring a new light to the song --a different interpretation of the song without disrupting its identity. Including chopped vocals and a happy synth variation of the original melody, Dillon does just that by cutting into a moombah groove to get a crowd bouncin'! Be sure to catch him dropping this on his Wurld Turr!

By Daniel Madden