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Smoking Section: "Contact High" - Pries (Official Video)

A warm hello to all my ganja associates - I got another great piff-puffin' song for all of you. So all I ask from you is to smoke them trees listen to some Pries, and as the song says, get high. Produced by KOUNTDOWN with a seamless sampling of Telepopmusik's "Breathe," Pries' “Contact High” certainly has the same affect as a real contact high, that one you encounter when chillin' with your boys and some ladies, from that 24/7 hot boxed dorm freshman year. It's that high you get when your boy clears that bong of bright green exotic and you feel the hit before he does. So sit back, chillax, and toke up this sticky-sweet new track.

By James Sheedy

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Smoking Section: "Ashtray" - Smoke DZA (ft. Domo Genesis & Schoolboy Q)

Produced by Henry Fraud, "Ashtray" is yet another single off of Smoke DZA's upcoming album Rugby Thompson, which is set to be released June 19. Like the rest of the album, this song is produced by Fraud, who in this song takes the line from 2 Chainz' "Spend It." Smoke DZA is joined by fellow weed enthusiasts Domo Genesis and Schoolboy Q. This song has all the right ingredients to be a hit and makes me excited for the album release June 19th.

By Spicoli


Smoking Section: "Crew Love" - Drake ft. The Weeknd (Starslinger Jersey Refix)

We're usually not too big of a fan of Drake's work, but Starslinger manages to take "Crew Love" and turn it into a perfect smoking jam. Starslinger completely transforms this track by putting Drake's flow over the melodic and relaxing background progressions he is known for. Light up & listen! Shoutout to our main beezy with them tiggle bitties for that hilarious pic!


Smoking Section: "3030" - Deltron Zero

Deltron Zero, aka Del tha Funky Homosapien aka Ice Cube’s cousin aka Gorillaz collaborator and Dan the Automator, an amazing producer and one of the production-savvy minds behind the Gorillaz (along with Blur’s Damon Albarn), put together not only a great 420 track, but an absolute classic album in hip-hop with Deltron "3030." "3030," the first full song on the album (it follows an intro featuring Albarn), is one of the highlights. It’s the first song I heard off the 2000 release, a couple years ago, and I was taken-aback. There is nothing like this in music, never mind hip-hop. A futuristic space-opera about an intergalactic war fought not with weapons, but rap battles, set over Gorillaz-esque spacey production and Del’s quirky humor and overall weird-factor. Don’t take my word for it, look it up, the entire album is widely considered an all-time classic and one of, if not the best rap album of 2000 by those who actually know music. Join the resistance. It’s "3030," and this is Deltron Zero. 

By Connor McGann


Smoking Section: "Fire" - Twista ft. Lil Boosie

Twista and Lil Boosie collaborate once again for this classic smoking track. Slowing down his flow, Twista creates a song everyone can smoke and vibe out to. It's all about smoking on that fire here at the smoking section, and who better than Twista and Lil Boosie to fire up the dro. So kick back and relax to this dank track before you go raging this weekend. 

By Sampson