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City Lights EP - Leventina

Swiss duo Leventina who are behind the anthems "We're Gonna Start" and "Revolution" are back with a massive punch with the highly anticipated 3-track City Lights EP just in time for festival season. Leventina's music has taken a remarkable turn over the years from a deeper sound to the more profitable and glitzy big-room sound, but needless to say even with their new style the Swiss duo to me represent some of the finest and cleanest Progressive & Electro sounds that the business has to offer.

"City Lights"


The most progressive track off the the EP, "City Lights" is HIGHLY energetic and melodic.


Definitely the heaviest out of the 3 tracks— "Tumbler" will have you dancing through the undulations of heavy drops and over its overarching anthemic feel.

"No Place to Hide"

Giving off great vibes with an uplifting feel "No Place to Hide" could serve as an epic festival closer. Combing its melodic drops and super catchy vocals with some dirty electro that leads back into the main breakdown, this track will have the crowd ready for the after party, or some seriously sweet dreams.

Out now on Beatport!

By David Selsey


Hot New Prog. House Track "4 The People" - The 8th Note

This track is killer! After their recent collaboration with Nilson on the track "Transformers," the Israeli Progressive House duo The 8th Note proves yet again their ability to stand above the rest with this hard-hitting bigroom anthem! Released May 21 on Unreleased Digital, "4 The People" has received support from the likes of Funkagenda, Morgan Page, and more -- and it's no surprise! Set the dancefloor on fire by blasting this track, and be sure to also check out the official remix by up and coming Swiss House producers Leventina!

Download on Beatport

By Edward Fancher