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Smoking Section: "La PiƱata" - KOOL A.D.

Kool AD, one half of the Das Racist rap group, drops his second solo mix tape this year. Earlier in January, Kool AD released "The Palm Wine Drinkard" to Himanshu's "Nehru Jackets." For 51, Kool AD headed back to his home the San Francisco Bay area. The Bay influence can really been seen on this new mixtape featuring many smooth, relaxing jazz-influenced tracks. The mixtape is a California collective featuring mostly West Coast producers and features. With "La Piñata," Kool AD flows over a lead back brass heavy track. Flowing with a comfortable California high, Kool AD asks if you want to chill out on the couch, smoke weed, and drink two beers, exactly what you should do before listen to this laidback track. Enjoy tokers.

By Spicoli