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Track of the Day: "Niggas in Paris" (Cazette Ash That Shit Cray Remix)

This Shit Cray. Powerhouse duo Cazzette just dropped the video of their Niggas In Paris mix, which they’ve played in almost, if not all of their recent sets. The Swedes have taken the hype original track and seamlessly blended their distinct, intense Electro House style into it.  Niggas In Paris has been said to have qualities of a dubstep track, something Cazzette made sure to attend to. As if the track isn’t hype enough, any EDM festival lover will get that reminiscent “butterflies” when watching the video, filled with footage from their EDC Vegas experience. Enjoy.

By Will Payne

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Track of the Day: "Mercy" - Kanye West (Figure Remix)

Okay, so, let's be completely honest, the original version of "Mercy" is not lacking in the bass department. Sadly, I have very particular standards as to what it means to have enough BASS. They call me the Bass Queen for a reason: I fucking want my speakers to THUMP, and Figure has always delivered in that department. I Kanye's original well enough to begin with, but the Figure remix is far sicker in my opinion. This is partially because it's legitimately a remix - he changed up the song quite a bit (though it's still recognizable) as opposed to just turning the chorus into a drop (which is not a remix IMO - it's a correction). But I fucking love this remix - it's awesome, and it legit thumps hard. So if you like what you hear, check out another track I've posted of Figure's right here. And don't forget to grab the free download!

By Sara Landry

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Hot New Preview of TiĆ«sto's Remix of "Lost In the World" - Kanye West

After first previewing this track at his show in Houston in March and then dropping it at his set at Ultra Music Festival, Tiësto releases his first preview of his mix of Kanye West's "Lost In The World" off his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Although this track is just a rip, we are really excited for the full release to come soon. Kanye's lyrics over Tiësto's progressive house sound makes for a perfect party anthem that is sure to please the entire crowd. We can't wait for Tiësto to drop this sick mix at Electric Daisy Carnival! Enjoy.

By Matt DiGiovanni