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"You Get High" - Pretty Lights (NYE 2011 Denver Video Recap)

It's always been a challenge of mine to describe Pretty Lights to a non-listener. Is he considered glitch hop, hip hop, soul... or trip hop? I don't know, but what we should agree on is a.) it's EDM and b.) Derek Smith, hands down, creates some of the most interesting music in the game. "You Get High" is the last sample-collage produced track before his new album, according to Smith. And surely enough it's filled with many samples that just... work. This track won't get you dancing like a hot Kaskade mix but it's something nice that just groooooves. Dig it, this is classic PL. And make sure to check out our these amazing photos of Pretty Lights at Ultra Music Festival!

Pretty Lights describes his new track below:
"A new style hip-hop jam that incorporates what I think sounds like a slow-mo disco stomp. It's soulful and funky at the same time and it's all about the high you feel when listening to good music."

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By Michael Arnold

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