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EDM Lounge Interviews Tritonal

With a huge fanbase, innovative tracks, and stellar vocal collaborations, Austin, TX based Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros have become one of the most popular names in Progressive Trance. I talked with Tritonal after their impressive set opening for Dash Berlin at Governor's Beach Club NYC.

How did you become the duo of Tritonal?

We actually met online on a sound design forum and become friends listening, sharing, cool music along with our production ideas. Then Dave moved to Austin to see what we could do and it kicked off like that.

What was it like living in different locations while transporting music via the internet?

To be honest, we didn't really produce a lot of tracks before he moved. We listened a lot to get a feel for what types of sounds each other really liked, which is what created our friendship. Individually, we are trying to find our own sounds and techniques and we started learning things together, realizing how easy it is to make music with one another. The collaboration and potential was just too great to pass!

Did you guys always produce electronic music or did you start out in another genre?

Yes, we always produced electronic music - all different styles across the board.

How does it feel to be Top 100 DJs, and have support from some of the biggest names in dance music including Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Ferry Corsten?

It's definitely a blessing! When Chad and I started, just to think where we’re now, we would have shit bricks! We worked so hard, just learning every single day, while we’ve made mistakes and we’ve made achievements. The support from Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, all those guys, have been awesome! It’s propelled us!

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EDM Lounge Interviews Emma Hewitt

Trance and Progressive House have given birth to an astonishingly refreshing new vocal movement, and artists like Emma Hewitt are at the forefront of this melodic revolution. Emma has seen enormous success worldwide with her collaborations with talent Dash Berlin, Cosmic Gate, and Armin van Buuren, which together have more than 20 million views on YouTube. She also regularly appears onstage alongside these artists, blasting out her sweet vocals live to the enormous sea of adoring EDM fans. So I thought I'd ask the Australian vocalist a few questions about her career, and how she sees the current state of Electronic Dance Music.  

"What effect do you think EDC, Electric Zoo, Ultra, and Sensation America has had on you and dance music in the US?"

I think these events have really been the catalyst for the scene blowing up in the U.S. the way it has lately. The events have drawn people's attention to dance music on a much larger scale and brought the music to the general public's attention. They have also provided the opportunity for so many international artists to create and consolidate a market and develop a following on U.S. soil.  These huge events have been such an incredibly positive thing for the industry not just in America, but all over the world.  The sheer size of these events and the production values have been a great thing for EDM fans as they are really getting an incredible SHOW from a multitude of great artists in one place.  For me personally, it has been an opportunity to perform on the bigger stages and introduce myself to people who are not necessarily familiar with my music and I love that challenge and opportunity.

"What's it like to work with some of the biggest names in EDM such as Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin and Armin van Buuren?"

I have been extremely blessed to have the opportunity to work with such talented producers.  I always work on tracks based on how much I like the music, and all of these guys create sounds and music that inspire me. They are all great as people too.  I am touring a lot with the Cosmic Gate guys, and they are just such wonderful people as well as being amazing producers, I have so much fun hanging out with them!  The more time that goes by, the more inclined I am to only want to work with people I admire on a personal level as well as being great producers - for me it is just as much about the the experience of creating as it is the actual release, so the process needs to be enjoyable so I always appreciate working with down to earth, chilled-out people

"What inspired you to write 'Colours'?"

"Colours" was written about at the time of the passing of my Grandfather.  The song was primarily inspired by the transient nature of life as I was seeing it at the time and that vivid realization that all the things we take for granted are changing and evolving and ending and beginning with every second that passes.  I was inspired to put these thoughts down as a sort of tribute to the change that we often was also really a tribute to every person I've known and to the moments that help define and shape us, eve if they are not the obvious ones...maybe when we look back on it all, it will be the tiny moments that hold the special significance for us?  We really wanted to capture this essence with the video, and Elliot Sellers was instrumental in bringing this to life.  I wanted to put the tiny moments up on a screen to shine a light on the significance they can hold if we choose to look at them in a certain way.  I liked the idea of looking at life as a river that flows...there is something uplifting and hopeful, yet also melancholic to me about this idea.

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