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EDM Lounge Interviews Cazzette

I was able to enjoy a brief chat with Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bjorklund, the Swedish duo better known as Cazzette, before their set Saturday night at the Midwest's first ever Electric Daisy Carnival in Chicago. The two made a huge debut into the scene in 2011 after their first release of the remix "Sweet Dreams," originally remixed by Avicii. Their manager Ash Pournouri, most notable for Avicii's stardom, is one of the scene's behind-the-scenes powerhouses, but it looks like his magic has been working on Cazzette's rise to fame as well. "Beam Me Up" has been blowing up the charts, generating a combined total of 8 million views on YouTube and 4.4 million streams on Spotify, leaving the world in the palm of their hands. I wanted to see what they were going to do with it.

Sierra Rose: This is the first EDC Chicago, how does it feel to be here?

Sebastian Fuller: We really love Chicago as a city and the crowd here is amazing. We just play clubs here basically so, this is the first time doing a festival here so its really exciting and it's EDC so..

Alexander Bjorklund: Yeah, it's cool to be apart of the first one, ya know?

SR: How do you think Chicago will compare to other EDCs?

SF: It's really tough. First of all, it's raining today (laughter)

AB: There was really good sun in New York and even though Vegas wasn't it was still pretty hot, so...

SF: Ask us after our set. (laughter)

SR: After the set? Okay! Do you prefer the festival or the club scene? I've seen you guys at The Mid the past two times you have been there and they were awesome shows but I've also seen you at Ultra, which was equally amazing, so?

SF: Well I mean, we love clubs and festivals but I think we like to do festivals sometimes and sometimes clubs. Because if you just do festivals for awhile, it just gets boring, if you just do clubs for a while it gets boring. Theaters too are very cool. That's like maybe the best one because it's like a festival but still very intimate. You can look, see people in their faces and you know reactions and stuff like that.

SR: How long did it take to create "Eject"?

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A Video Interview with Thomas Gold from Opium Barcelona

These past four months abroad in Madrid couldn't have been complete without the ideal night clubbing on the beach in Barcelona. Back in the early spring, I attended the inaugural Abroadfest Barcelona for a night of Kaskade and Thomas Gold, all right on the beach at the intimate fish-shaped Opium club. As if that wasn't enough to melt my heart, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Gold himself for EDM Lounge's first ever on-camera interview. Tune in as Trisha Takanawa reports to you straight from the spicy Spanish city to see what TG has in store for Fanfare and the rest of 2013!

By Anne Chang

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An Interview With One of EDM's Freshest Stars: Topher Jones

Topher Jones has been on the rise since his hit single "Brohammer" was released in 2012, skyrocketing him to the top of the summer charts. The young artist is currently signed with Ultra Records and has been releasing tracks that having been receiving well-deserved attention from all the top jocks. After hearing his most recent single, "Save Me," I completely agree with his title as one of EDM's youngest, freshest talents. So on this dark, gloomy day in Chicago, I was lucky enough to meet with Topher as he took a little break from his tour. Although we were not able to enjoy some nice spring weather, I was able to enjoy some stories about his tour, his journey in the music biz thus far, and his near death experience...

Sierra: So you're originally from Indianapolis, right?

Topher: Yep.

S: So what brought you to Chicago?

T: Well I had just moved back from England and I was over there working on music and I knew that Indianapolis wasn't the place to be living to continue to pursue music. Chicago is an amazing city and it's 3 hours from home. So I decided, why not?

S: You were studying music in England?

T: I guess I wasn't studying music as far as college or anything like that. I was there to just expand myself as an artist and grow and really stretch and work with other musicians who had nothing to do with dance music. So I could learn a lot more about songwriting and just have a much different approach. So I guess studying music in that way, yes, but no classes or proper courses or anything like that. 

S: So do you write all of your music then?

T: Yeah I do all the writing. I mean I work with other people like for our vocalists and stuff like that. But yeah, I sit in the studio and just do everything.

S: I really love "Save Me"!

T: Thank you, thank you!

S: What inspired it?

T: Well, my buddy James, who's the guy that sings on it. I sent him this rough sketch and he came up with the chorus, the lyrics, and everything and sent it back over and was like "What do you think? This is catchy, this is great, lets do something with it," and that's how it was started. 

S: It is so good, when I first heard it I thought, "I'm gonna be hearing this a lot over the summer!"

T: I hope so!

S: So do you have DJs that really inspire you or that you look to for guidance?

T: Yeah, well I mean it's a tough one. I think nowadays there are so many amazing producers and DJs that there are so many people influencing everything. Obviously Swedish House Mafia kinda set the standards recently and influenced everyone, whether you want to admit it or not. I think people like Tiesto who has been around forever, have been a huge influence on me for a long time. Armin was a huge influence early on, his song "Communication" was the track that got me into dance music.

But as far as influencers for me and my sound right now, there are just so many amazing producers. I think Alesso is wonderful. I think Tommy Trash is incredible. Sultan & Ned Shepard did that remix of "Locked Out Of Heaven" and it's maybe the best song of the year. And so I always go back and reference their tracks as far as mix-downs, sounds, and how things are produced so I can make sure mine is on that level. So I can say those guys influence my music a lot. 

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EDM Lounge Interviews Flux Pavilion

Before the madness of WMC commenced this weekend, I had the chance to sit down with one of the Ultra artists and masterminds of dubstep himself, Flux Pavilion. The bass violently shaking the venue in Providence, RI was directly in sync with my heartbeat as I entered the room backstage where Flux, real name Josh Steele, was sitting right before the show. As he smoked his cigarette and extended his hand to greet me, I asked if I should address him as "Lumpy Space Princess." He immediately laughed and responded, "Yes you can if you want" (if you follow him on Twitter you'll know what this means).

So the last time I saw you was at Electric Zoo when you played with Doctor P. Now that the Blow the Roof EP is out I realized how many of your songs from the EP were actually previewed in the set, so I wanted to know roughly how long did it take you to work on the EP?

About 2 years.

Wow 2 years?

Pretty much yeah for the most part 2 years. I just was kind of working on my music, not so much just the EP. 

Would you say it’s your best work to date? 

Yeah definitely as Flux Pavilion.

I would have to agree, so a different question for you: do you wish Dillon Francis could permanently live on your couch?

Um, no (laughs)

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Norin & Rad: The EDM Lounge Interview

These two Cali boys are set for the biggest days of their lives tomorrow. It couldn't have been a better day to post this interview, with them opening the 15th annual Ultra Music Festival tomorrow afternoon and headlining the Anjunabeats Pool Party Saturday at the National. Their performance in February closing for Above & Beyond was without a doubt the most innovative Electro House or Trance set I've heard in months - and I'm not just saying that. With a malleable sound that somehow remains always identifiable, Norin & Rad are becoming the scene's biggest enigmas. As Anjunabeats continues to take them closely under their wing into the 2013 season, we will all be closely watching their next moves. But for now, here are some questions we asked them that magical night back in Manhattan. 

How do you close a set after Above & Beyond?

It took a little bit of getting use to. Our first experience was in Australia. The first two nights were a little
rocky, we were bouncing around trying to figure out what to play next, but by the third night it was
Sydney and I think we were confident and had it down
, so at that point we revamped the whole set and it ended up working in our favor. The whole crowd loved it, so after we got that formula down, its been a lot easier since then.

Is such an amazing honor to be closing tonight at the Anjunabeats Volume 10 release party, how do youfeel to be where you are now compared to where you were a few years ago?

It's a complete 180 - a few years ago we were showing up in Cali at these kinds of shows in the crowd and loving the music. Now we get to see it from both sides and experience everything. It’s unreal!

Were you guys big Anjuna fans before?

Yes, we’ve always been, so being on their label now is a dream come true. It's not just any ordinary label, it’s a family. It's very epic!

How did the two of you meet and begin to collaborate?

We met through mutual friends at a musical festival. We had no idea that we both were into making
music and after a few weeks of hanging out, him and I decided to make music together. I was already DJing a little, while he showed me stuff he was trying to produce, it was sounding really good so we said why don't we try to start something here.

That's awesome! How was it to first initially meet A&B?

There was actually a great moment by one of the clubs we live around back in Cali, Paavo
dropped "The Gift," and Paavo ran down and brought us on stage and said he has always wanted to do this to someone.

Can we expect to hear any vocal releases from you?

Yes, we are hoping this year will be our first one.

How do you feel about collaborating with up and coming vocalists?

We are really into trying to find the one. Him and I don’t really want that Trance sound in a vocalist,
we can create the trance sound with our backing track, but we want the vocalist to be something new and different. They aren’t really doing that now and I feel like if we can grasp that indie vibe we'll have something cool going on.

I just heard Aldo and I loved it, is there a new album or EP in the works for you guys?

This is going to be a single for Anjunabeats. We have another one coming a few weeks later with a completely different genre. We'll have an EP in a few months.

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