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"Yellow Bird" - Pretty Lights [Music Video]

I had mixed thoughts of Pretty Lights' newest album, but all criticisms aside, every one of the tracks on the free new album showcase Derek's dexterity as a musical technician. Layering vintage-sounding vocals with scratchy samples and live instrumentation, PL forges a hazy trip of a record that lacks a consistent vibe. The album's biggest strengths are the tracks which evoke a funky yet still relaxing atmosphere as opposed to the other half that comes off a bit frantic. For me "Yellow Bird" is the unmistakable highlight on A Color Map of the Sun, a game-changing gentle meditation over the sounds of summer and one of Derek's finest productions to date. The music video is equally enchanting - press play and take flight with us.

A Color Map of The Sun - Free Download

By Edward Fancher


"Dreaming" (Chainsmokers Remix) - Smallpools

I'm always trying to feature up and comers on the site, but few of them have actually taken off before my eyes. After seeing Alex and Drew spin at the best underground massive I've been to in years out in Brooklyn, I can assure you that the Chainsmokers are without a doubt talent to keep your eyes on both on and offline. A quick listen through their repertoire reveals a knack for piecing together Indie pop vocals and guitar riffs with Electro and chill bleeps like you'll hear in this song. In their live performance this translated into rock-solid mashups of eclectic selections, that put the prerecorded mush of overplayed garbage a majority of the superstars are playing to absolute shame. Grab the free download now and expect to see these two in a city near you soon!

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: "Trying To Be Cool" (Chainsmokers Remix) - Phoenix

Alex and Drew from the NYC Chainsmokers are not just some of the nicest guys we've talked to but some of the most promising producers in the Indie-Electro genre today. This week they lucked out and happened to get an email with the stems from the coveted Phoenix production "Trying To Be Cool." To them, "no band exemplifies the blending of progressive house/dance, indie music and pop music sounds" better than Phoenix, and we'd have to agree. Grab this chill free download before these guys have to move their production operations elsewhere, because their landlord had this to say: "this is your final noise complaint warning, don't fuck with me."

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Left Alone" - Flume ft. Chet Faker (Ta-Ku Remix)

Downtempo, dubstep, and trip-hop producer Flume has been blowing up lately as his creativity and top-notch production skills have been receiving acclaim across the internet, and his newest remix pack features some more incredibly unique material. This remix by Ta-Ku combines Trap, dubstep, and trip-hop to create an incredibly ethereal release that has a wide array of different textures and layering throughout the arrangement. The verses are de-tuned, chopped up, delayed, and altered in every possible sense to create a very psychedelic feel to the song, with the syncopated drums adding an extra spark of suspense to the downtempo parts. The genre of this remix is labeled "thumper" on SoundCloud, and that seems accurate as the kicks and claps truly shake the speakers while the bleeping synths in between add melody to the mystery. This take on "Left Alone" has the potential to find appeal with a wide array of genre purists, and better yet you can download it for free so you are truly missing out if you don't snag this one!


By Andrew Cordivari


"Lose Sight" - Andrew Bayer ft. Ane Brun

This is not your typical Anjunabeats release, but that doesn't matter. While the majority of the artists on its roster adhere to its pop-Trance image, a few characters have always stuck sorely out of the web. Andrew Bayer has shown us through the years a remarkable musicality that bridges the gap between 121-138 and slower stirring tracks like this. As the first single off his upcoming album If It Were You, We'd Never Leave "Lose Sight" carries a heavily textured sound that's reminiscient of the more soulful days of electronica. Weaving together breaks with Norwegian songwriter Ane Brun's doleful vocal samples, Bayer paints for us a vivid picture of life and its many dramas that is sure to survive the test of time.

Out now on iTunes!

By Edward Fancher