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"Warsaw 2.0" (Original Mix) - Indecent Noise

In a streamlined update to his 2011 original, Indecent Noise comes storming into the Lounge this morning with "Warsaw 2.0." Led by a rippling sound that transcends the typical Psy-Trance sound through uplifting detours and drop-offs, this exclusive Mental Asylum release is the perfect appetizer to get pumped for his show in NYC this Friday at Chrystie 141. Our show with EDM East and Mysterysounds this weekend at the same venue was a huge success, and I will be the first to testify to the fact that the club was made for Trance basslines! See you there.

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By Edward Fancher


"Lost In Noise" (Sebastian Brandt Remix) - Indecent Noise & Lostly

In a masterful feat of modern Psytrance, Sebastian Brandt strips out the melody of "Lost In Noise" centering his remix on the push of Indecent Noise & Lostly's original. The track gets off to a ferocious start and keeps this vigor throughout, only easing up for those meditative atmospherics we all enjoy on a trance-night-out. Grab your copy of the remix today on Mental Asylum!

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By Edward Fancher


"Razor" (James Dymond Remix) - Indecent Noise

Like a savage, James Dymond claws at Indecent Noise's "Razor" sharp 2010 original making a mark that will surely remain on Mental Asylum records. Last year we saw the vindication of the harder styles of Trance which had been abandoned when the Anjuna and Armada squads took over the commercial realm of the rave. This year, we dive back into the furious tempos that set Trance apart from the rest, surfing the swells of future psychedelia to keep our minds ensared in heady bliss. Grab the extended mix on February 10th!

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: Radio Bosh 040 - Indecent Noise

Aleksander Stawierej, better known as Indecent Noise, is all about that primetime Trance sound. In his May edition of Radio Bosh podcast for, the producer from Warsaw brings us a gleaming tracklist of tunes new and old the others have all overlooked. Indecent isn't afraid to dig back in the archives and pair new tunes like York's "Farewell to the Moon" with classic epic anthems like Lange's "Drifting Away." Every second of this mix is pure intoxicating energy and just makes me even more excited for his EDC debut at the speedway this year. Even if the carnivals "on the road to Las Vegas" don't have much in the way of Trance this year, June is going to be a truly remarkable treat, so tease yourself and let the music speak.


01. Schiller - Ein Schöner Tag (KayCee Remix) [Zeitgeist]
02. Antiloop - In My Mind [Stockholm Records]
03. Lange - Drifting Away [Radikal Records]
04. RMB - Deep Down Below (Extended Version) [Zeitgeist]
05. York - Farewell To The Moon (SOS Remix) [Zeitgeist]
06. Lovechild - Liberta (Moonman Remix) [Bang On!]
07. Chakra - Home (Above & Beyond Remix) [WEA]
08. York - Reachers of Civilization (Rank 1 Remix) [Offshore Music]
09. Mario Lopez - Blind (CJ Stone Meets Mr. Phillips Club Remix) [Fairlight Records]
10. Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth (Rave Mix) [Bonzai]
11. Storm - Time To Burn [Zeitgeist]
12. Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (Psico Mix) [BXR]
13. VDM - No Hesitation [Deal Records]
14. Walter & Gelder - Seven of Nine [Captivating Sounds]
15. Nino Lopez Project - Experience [Kontor]
16. Spoiled & Zigo - More & More (Instrumental Mix) [Manifesto]
17. Kaycee - Escape (Club Mix 2000) [Radikal]
18. ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) (Matt Darey Remix) [Kontor]
19. Delerium - Innocente (Falling In Love) (Lost Witness Remix) [Nettwerk]
20. Mario Piu aka DJ Arabesque - The Vision (Vision 1 Original Mix) [BXR]
21. Dumonde - Never Look Back (Dumonde Full On Vocal) [Superstar Recordings]
22. CJ Stone - Shining Star (CJ Stone's Clubmix) [Kontor]
23. Tillmann Uhrmacher - On The Run (Ocean To Shore Club Extended) [Kontor]
24. DJ Tomcraft - Silence [Kosmo]
25. Mario Piu - Techno Harmony (My Love) [Club Tools]
26. David Forbes - Questions Must Be Asked (Magica Remix) [Vandit]
27. Second Sun - Empire (TPOD Mix By Paul Van Dyk) [Vandit]
28. Mac Zimms - L'Annonce Des Couleurs 2003 (The Mystery Remix) [2 Play]
29. Blank & Jones - Flaming June (B&J's Reconstruction) [Water Music]
30. Ralphie B - Massive (Mirco de Govia Remix) [Vandit]
31. Lange feat. The Morrighan - Follow Me (DJ Jam X & De Leon's Dumonde Remix) [Positiva]
32. Solange - Messages (Gouryella Remix) [Global Cuts]
33. JamX & De Leon - Mind Made Up [Fate]
34. DJ Scot Project - F (Future Is Now!) [Overdose]
35. Alex Bartlett - Amnesia (Flutlicht vs. S.H.O.K.K. Mix) [Drizzly]
36. Ratty - Sunrise (Ratty's Inferno) [Sheffield Tunes]
37. Darude - Feel The Beat (Original Mix) [Urban]
38. Armin van Buuren - Sunburn (Instrumental) [United]
39. Trance AllStars - The First Rebirth (Sunbeam Club Mix) [Kontor]
40. Reeloop - Fucking Society (Instrumental) [Bang On!]
41. Hennes & Cold - The Second Trip (DJ Scot Project Remix) [Tracid Traxx]
42. Marc Et Claude - I Need Your Lovin (Dark Moon Remix Complete Vocal) [Positiva]

By Edward Fancher