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Preview: "Hey Now" (Arty Remix) - London Grammar

I have to admit that after being a longtime fan of Arty's, his releases within the past year or so have been consistently hit or miss, but the ones that do shine have been truly beaming. This is one of those tracks. With a dreamy Progressive beat that wraps itself around London Grammar's dripping vocals, the young Russian sensation unveils the true passion and rawness of "Hey Now" in a remix that eludes the stereotypical EDM vibe. Release your tensions and press play.

By Edward Fancher


"Reverie" - Marcus Schössow [Track of the Day]

Dropping his first single for Axtone RecordsMarcus Schössow knows exactly how to make a debut, with his massive "Reverie" more than livening up the quality of music that Axwell's music label puts out. The Swede’s new track blends multiple genres across the electronic spectrum— Electro flashes, Progressive melodies, and those irresistible Schössow Trance vibes. The song translates to a pleasant state of being lost in one's thoughts and the music and this track undoubtedly lives up to its name, captivating you from beginning to end, and really hard not to listen to over and over again. Definitely one of the year's top-notch big room tunes. For those of you in NYC, Marcus Schössow will be at Santos Party House on July 20th. Hope to see you there!

Out now on Beatport!

By David Selsey


Kaskade Shows Off New Tracks & Mashups on Sirius XM's Electric Area

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Kaskade's live broadcast from Midtown Manhattan at the SiriusXM offices. When we first arrived at the "Electric Aquarium," we heard a short interview on air from outside the soundproofed glass bubble. Kaskade unsurprisingly stressed the irrelevance of the DJ Mag poll and dodged a question about whether we can expect more solo work on Atmosphere, though judging by his response it didn't seem so. After the short interview we quickly filed into the aquarium and he asked the audience if we had any requests. The set was short but sweet and we got to hear a lot of snippets from tracks and mashups that he's just recently been pushing in his Summer Lovin' events in Vegas and AC, as well as his recent stop at Paradiso fest. His "Turn It Down Animals" mashup that he premiered at Paradiso also gets dropped into the mix and it is banging!


1. Last Chance (Clockwork Remix) - Kaskade & Project 46
2. Something Something Champs (Summer Lovin Mash) - Kaskade & Zip Zip Through The Night vs. Moguai
3. Surge - Clockwork ft. Wynter Gordon
4. We Are Gods - John Dahlbäck
5. Roar - Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso (Syle of Eye Remix?)
6. Every Breath Is Like A Heartbeat (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix) - Late Night Alumni
7. Turn It Down Animals (Kaskade Mashup) - Kaskade vs. Martin Garrix

By Edward Fancher


EDM Lounge Interviews 3LAU

Over the weekend at Wavefront Music Festival, Jack & I were able to steal some time with Justin Blau, better known as 3LAU after his killer set on Sunday before Crookers, Diplo, and Justice on the Wave Main Stage. At the young age of 22, 3LAU has been blowing up the scene within the past year and riding a wave of success driven by his monster mashups and bootlegs. Along the way he has been generous enough to help those in need and leave a more meaningful impact, something I consider refreshing in the business.

Before approaching the interview questions prepared, I had asked 3LAU about his performance the night before at Bssmnt with Carnage in San Diego, CA. His response was flawless.

Justin: I took a co2 tank with nothing attached to it and just opened it...
Sierra: You just opened it?! (laughter)

J: I opened it on like 8 naked girls dancing on the booth while Carnage was slamming it!

S: Wait, what kind of club was this?

J: It was called Bssmnt, so you could imagine, just brick walls. It was the turnest fucking shit. It was nuts. It was great.

S: That sounds interesting. I’m kinda upset that didn't happen here!

J: Umm, different vibes. Well, we're on a beach.

S: Do you prefer the club vibe then?

J: No, not at all. It's all about the crowd. Its about the crowd more than the atmosphere to me, honestly.


Now, the actual interview...


S: Your background in education is not that of a typical DJ - how do you think this has benefited you and your music?

J: In education? It's benefited the business side of things more than the music itself. I think my manager and I take the business side very seriously and that's a big reason why I've been successful. Just understanding how the industry works is the biggest barrier in this industry to be successful.

S: You've been very vocal in your support in the campaign to build schools for underprivileged kids, why do you think its so important to give back and support campaigns like this?

J: I think that dance music is really unique in the sense that it is all about community and all about togetherness and its so easy to utilize that movement that exists to build charitable projects and my partnership with Pencils of Promise is something that's very long term. We built our first school and we some insanely awesome ideas to do a lot more with them. So we’re really, really excited.

S: So did you always have this music vision first or was it this campaign...

J: Well I've always been involved in philanthropy and as my career started getting bigger I felt that I could do something different.

S: So use your success to help others!

J: Exactly! Because you know, I don't need that much. I have a car, I got a home, and I fly around everywhere so what else do I need? It’s so easy to help. Having even the remotely small influence that I have, we can still do a lot. I’m so excited to do more.

S: I know you always believed you would end up in music one way or another but did you ever imgaine your career would blow up the way it has?

J: I had no idea. I had no clue. And you know, that's the best part. 'Cause everyday is a new surprise with new shows and new things and my creative inspiration is constanly changing. It's the best! I feel very blessed to be able to do this.

S: Where do you see your career in music taking you?

J: I eventually really want to be more experimental. I'm kinda finding myself more in the mainstream, which is fine, but eventually I want to do more of what I feel opposed to more of what I think my fans want to hear. That's in the future.

S: "Escape" hit #3 on Beatport overall, how long did it take to produce with Paris & Simo and Bright Lights?

J: It took about 10 months. So happy we waited because we wanted to get it absolutely perfect. So happy about it right now. Tiesto is playing it;  Hardwell, W&W, Kaskade. It’s the best feeling in the world.

S: I've read some of your influencers are Sigur Ros, Steve Angello, Kaskade, Porter, M83 plus many more, how do they influence your sound and your overall music production?

J: My favorite sound is big sounds. I love epicness and really big chords. Big feeling. And all of those artists really mend themselves to that aura. I have a lot of respect for them and I really take a lot from them.

S: So how do you hope to influence inspiring DJs/producers?

J: I hope that I’m the proof that anybody can do it. Cause I did it. I was nobody and I just did it.

Escape - Out Now on Beatport!

By Sierra Rose


"Battle of Hearts" (Original Mix) - First State ft. Fenja

It's been a while since we heard anything from First State, but this morning he's here to send chills up your spine despite the sultry summer weather. Sander van Dien carved his name in stone touring with "DJ Tiësto" back in 2008 after having the megastar support countless amounts of his singles. While his sound has always had that deep, trickling, Anjunadeep vibe, in 2013 he's all about the Progressive play - but that doesn't mean his original charm has gone into the shadows. Alongside Fenja, a vocalist I've been fond of for her spots on tracks like Nilson and The 8th Note's "Looking For Love" and Sied van Riel's "The Game," First State's latest is a tear-jerking  track that is waiting to be remixed (hint, hint). Grab your copy of "Battle of Hearts" now because it's out today!

By Edward Fancher

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