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Bumpin New Mashup "Replica 212" - Afrojack vs. Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is making her presence felt in the hip hop scene with her hit song "212". This new artist is making big moves in 2012; a record deal with Universal and a performance at Coachella are among the things she has crossed off of her to-do list recently. Her viral music video for "212" captures her unique style and talent. Be on the lookout for her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste due out in September. In the meantime, enjoy this remix of "212" featuring Afrojack's classic "Replica." 

By Sam Friedfeld


Smoking Section 4/28/2012: "Smoking Section" - Lil Wyte

Lil Wyte’s “Smoking Song’ off of his hit album Doubt Me Now is the perfect song to blaze one to, for very obvious reasons. “This is my smoking song, it ain’t very long but guaranteed to get the job done, smoke one, what the fuck you waitin’ on?” Short, sweet and simple. Don’t underestimate this white rapper form Memphis; this song is a classic track that makes it very easy for us to follow Lil Wyte’s wise words.

By Anne Chang


Smoking Section 4/26/2012: "Kardashian" - The Dean's List

You may have heard of The Dean's List who just released their first album Generation X. Personally, I think Generation X is garbage; however, I was a big fan of their first two mixtapes Undeclared and The Drive In. This song is off their first mixtape Undeclared. The songs hook, "Thats Kush We smoke blow dro to the wind hit a fattie 'for I sleep Kardashian" is where the title gains its name. So roll up a nice thick brown Kardashian and enjoy some old Dean's List. 

By Matt DiGiovanni


Smoking Section 4/25/2012: "Understand That" - Kid CG (Prod. by Yuri Beats)

I found producer Yuri Beats today on Twitter from a retweet from producer Xaphoon Jones, the man behind the majority of Chiddy Bang's beats. Yuri Beats has quite a few nice instrumentals but this one track I found that had a rap to it. KID CG goes over the Third Eye Blind "Jumper" sample and spits some eerie bars about suicide and life. Definitely check this one out. And keep your eye open for Beats and Kid CG in the future.

By Matt DiGiovanni


Filthy Dubstep Remix of Waka Flocka's "Hard in Da Paint" 

Crizzly is a dubstep producer out of San Antonio, Texas, and I love his sound. He is one of the few producers I've heard who can create good dubstep remixes out of rap songs, and this one is awesome. He's definitely an artist to check out if you like the idea of hip hop and dubstep coming together, and if he's ever near you, see him. He goes hard as fuck.

By Sara Landry