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Free Download: OG Status EP - heRobust

Hayden "heRobust" Kramer is no novice to the breakbeat scene. Still basking in the limelight of his late release "Doomfounded," heRobust is wasting no time pushing boundaries and creating unique, exciting tracks. With an original, electrifyingly unique Glitch-Hop style, heRobust brings out his new EP, OG Status. Comprised of five maniacal and deranged tunes, he shows the EDM culture that he is not afraid to challenge the norms of the Glitch–Hop genre. The EP features:

"Trillest Realist"

Mesmerizing vocal samples paired with the classic heRobust filtered bass comprise the opening track of the EP, "Trillest Realist". I really enjoy how the ear-shattering low-end fuses well with higher octaves arpeggios. It makes for an excellent combination that will make any Glitch–Hop fanatic ecstatic.

"Thang is Jumpin"

Cadence (a short rest of music) is a beautiful thing, and it is certainly used as a amazing method that brings "Thang is Jumpin" to life. The percussion is particularly interesting on this track, as there are many surprises.


"Sets Up"

"Sets Up" is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing tracks on the EP. With a collection of many unique designs and combinations of bass and synth, heRobust is making a statement that there is not one sound he cannot use in a melodic way.

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"Internet Friends" - Knife Party (heRobust Run the Trap Bootleg)

Okay, so everyone knows that Knife Party's "Internet Friends" is pretty much one of the best bass songs ever (seriously, it makes me want to rave hard and perhaps even punch an infant). Naturally, there are always 46,000 remixes that are made to songs that are "the best thing ever," though not all remixes are created equal. I have seen many a "Internet Friends" remix, all of which have failed to either outshine the original or translate it into a new subgenre -- until now. A friend sent this to me a few hours ago, and let me tell you, it blew my socks off. Fire. It's very obviously Knife Party, but the new beat, added samples, and general badassery make it completely different than the original. This one is definitely worth a listen, and thanks to an amazing artist, it's also available for free download. Check it out, you have nothing to lose.

By Sara Landry

Follow me on Twitter: @SaraLange922

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