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"You & I" (Da Tweekaz Remix) - Darren Styles & Gammer

Da Tweekaz are on a roll this week, this time with a remix of UK Hardcore veterans Styles & Gammer's 2012 original "You & I." As an Arizona native, I revere these two as gods of the dancefloor and it's great to hear their tunes still being played with after all these years. The two Norwegian producers that make up Da Tweekaz have put together a sharp and euphoric Hardstyle rendition of the original that will surely have your breath escape you. Enjoy!
"We can fly into the open sky
And we'll hold on while our dreams collide
And take a moment in the open sky
We'll take a moment in the open sky"
By Edward Fancher

"Music Is My Drug" - Da Tweekaz ft. Anklebreaker

Da Tweekaz' latest anthem takes a different spin on that uplifting Hardstyle sound. A streamlined product that keeps your attention with a spot-on melody, "Music Is My Drug" sets itself apart from the slew of recycled kicks and climaxes. Grab your copy today and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out their new remix of "You & I" by Darren Styles and Gammer!

By Edward Fancher


The R3belz - "Falling" (Original Mix)

2014 is set to be the year that Hardstyle makes itself known beyond the dank warehouses of America's rave scene. With a sound as energetic as The R3belz' latest original "Falling," it's hardly a surprise to see the genre picking up steam in the frenetic and over Electro-fied North American audience. Right click and save as to download the track.

Alternative Stream

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Fight For Survival" - Frequencerz & In-Phase

Always chasing after those last minutes of dark, we ravers only find ourselves cast out into society when the sun comes taunting us over the horizon. But tonight mere mortals can understand us. Here's to the years of gore, horror, and sleepless nights we spent masquerading and dancing through the dank dungeons of our towns, while everyone else was too busy sleeping. 

By Edward Fancher


"Flying Space Monster" - Outlander

I was blown away when I heard Outlander unleash this on Tomorrowland's Q-Dance stage, and after a quick look through the internet it seems the Belgian producer has been dropping this one hard all summer long. With a buzzing refrain that keeps coming back to tease the listener into the tumultous kick, "Flying Space Monster" is the soundtrack to any monster-fighting hardstyle hero's shuffling routine. Blast this one until the full mix is released next month!

By Edward Fancher