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Preview: Dirty South @ Roseland Ballroom NYC

Grammy-nominated producer Dirty South will be answering the beckons of his fans on October 20th and making a grand appearance at the legendary Roseland Ballroom in NYC, a metropolis considered to be the "City of Dreams" among today’s top talent. The man’s phenomenal reputation speaks for itself, but accompanying him on his tour stop are up-and-comers Mord Fustang and Gregori Klosman.

Fustang’s claim to fame and successful establishment of his imprint Plasmapool has been attributed to his very uplifting and distinct brand of Electro House, demonstrated in works like his "Lick the Rainbow" single and "Welcome To the Future" EP. Klosman is similarly very much on the rise, having worked with major artists on the forefront of the Dirty Dutch movement like Chuckieand released a track entitled “Minibar” on the Bingo Players’ Hysteria imprint.

This will be only one momentous stop on the Serb’s biggest North American tour to date, at such an iconic venue nonetheless. DS hasn't spun among the big city masses for a while now so you want to make sure to catch him on this historical occasion, as his NYC presence alongside formidable support like Mord and Gregori will have the makings to amount to one of his most unforgettable shows to date.

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By Kiren Srinivasan

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The Numb3r5 (Original Club Mix) - Chuckie & Gregori Klosman

French DJ & Producer Gregori Klosman collaborates with Dutch House prodigy Chuckie to release some fun for this otherwise dreary Monday, at least in NYC (why is the weather so ADD-like?). "The Numb3r5" is a dynamic tune that kicks back and forth with different sounds and musical volume shifts that shapes up to be a really phenomenal mix! Once you think this banger is over, it flows right back into the melodic groove. Check this jam out for sure!

How can anyone dread going to school or work when Music Mondays exist?

Release Date: 5/14/2012
Label: Big Beat Records
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By Michael Arnold

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