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Review: Pretty Lights Illumination Tour

On September 18th, producer Derek Vincent Smith, otherwise known as Pretty Lights, graced the stage at Phoenix, AZ's Comerica Theatre. As part of his Illumination Tour, Smith brought with him not only a beautiful selection of music, but a breathtaking stage setup as always.

Lighting up the night with a wide selection of original visuals, including props that made the stage feel just like New York City, Smith truly gave thought to setting the mood before he decided to go about touring. His team of visual artists worked throughout the night to create scenery that fit the groovy sounds being played. With a light up mock bridge, disco balls and LED panels, the theatre was painted in flushes of bright colors. Since his neighboring act, Araabmusik did not perform that night, we were graced with a two and a half hour set that is still ringing in my ears. Dropping tracks like "Future Blind" and "Still Night", Pretty Lights made sure that the crowd was 'losing their minds,' but in a very good way. 

Since his performance was so long, Smith decided to play a few tracks that had not been released yet, including his new single "So Bright". Dabbling with samples from Pink Floyd to Radiohead, Smith kept the audience grooving to his funky trip-hop all night. Even though the temperature was absolutely sweltering in the theater, everyone could not help but jam along.

Shouting out his love for the crowd in between tracks, Derek Smith preached a universal love that was apparent all throughout the crowd. The vibe of the night was nothing short of beautiful, filled with friendly faces from fellow ravers and strangers alike. Seeing Pretty Lights at a massive event like EDC or Nocturnal is always legendary, but in his element on his own personal tour, it was a completely different experience. I highly recommend it to any diehard PL fan. 

You can download a bunch of Pretty Lights' original tracks free of charge, courtesy of Derek himself. The Pretty Lights website hosts many free downloads, including his new single, "So Bright". The track was made completely without samples and is pretty impressive, so you should definitely check it out. 

Tour Dates

By April Surrency

Photos Courtesy of Pretty Lights


"So Bright" - Pretty Lights (Free Download)

Derek Smith's latest single is a hypnotic blues-infused track that embodies the typical sound of Pretty Lights. After being leaked onto the internet Smith, the king of free downloads went ahead and released the track. With haunting piano melodies, soulful lyrics, driving drums and bass, glitchy head-bopping sequences and a hip-hop breakdown, "So Bright" is the next big PL anthem. Enjoy this slice of glitch-hop while it's hot, and watch out for our coverage of his Illumination tour coming soon! Download it here. 

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Champloo" - Mord Fustang

After killing it at Electric Zoo, Mord Fustang is back with "Champloo." The ever versatile MF strays from his typical Electro House production, shown in "Lick the Rainbow" and "The Electric Dream," and shows off his glitch hop skills. Using tough drums and trippin glitches, "Champloo" is a banger. Be sure to check out his Electric Zoo set too.

Mord Fustang Electric Zoo 2012 Set

By Will Payne
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Mad Liberation - GRiZ (Free Download)

If you're a fan of Pretty Lights, you're in for a treat with this new Glitch-Hop album available for free download! GRiZ has been hard at work for the past year putting this album together for his fans, and maybe even to lure in some new Electro-Soul listeners! Mad Liberation  is chock full of brand new originals, as well as some retro vinyl recordings and vocals. The purpose of this album was to influence creativity and inspiration in his listeners - GRiZ wants his music to be humanistic and relatable, having expressed previously that "(electronic music) is what sets him free." From the digital synths to the saxophone instrumentals, each one of these tracks will teleport you into your own sense of reality. So sit back and relax while you listen to this album, this isn’t about technology, it’s about you, and everyone else in the world.

By Jessica Radtke


Review: Pretty Lights at EDC Vegas

After just returning from 2012's crazy, hectic, and memorable EDC weekend, I really have only one set that I can't get out of my head. And that's Pretty Lights. On Sunday evening, I was finally lucky enough to experience the delight of Pretty Lights live, and the genius producer Derek Smith did not disappoint in the least bit.

Opening the night with "Hot Like Sauce" only seemed appropriate for the first time he has ever graced the Kinetic Field mainstage at Electric Daisy Carnival. Instantly, the emotion in the air changed, creating a new atmosphere within the crowd. I had long been a fan of his groovy Electro Hip-Hop Soul music, but experiencing his hybrid music live was a completely different experience.

Seamlessly interweaving each track into the next, Smith made sure the crowd responded with nothing but good, positive vibes. It is a rare occasion when I lose my sense of time during a set, and PL made sure that happened. On a stage that is primarily dominated by House DJs who churn out Top 40 tracks, Smith's set was a beautiful and much-needed change. Everyone who was blessed enough to witness his set that night only had positive things to tell me. 

Changing his BPMs far more than any other DJ I have witnessed, PL truly showed his mixing skills while creating an entertaining and uplifting environment. I couldn't help but to make noise and cheer to his soulful Glitch-Hop sounds, or raise my fists in the air every time he instructed me to. Experiencing his set was certainly the highlight of my EDC and I feel sorry for anyone who missed it.

Thankfully though, Pretty Lights is a firm believer in sharing the music, sharing the love and the experience. All of Pretty Light's music is available for download on his website. The musical vision that Derek Smith has for Pretty Lights is the same sort of vision I feel every Electronic Dance Music artist should have. The fact that he is a supporter of sharing his creations to all who care to listen is quite an empowering thing, and I hope more artists in the future follow his lead. Because he is a supporter of free media, his music gets an overwhelming amount of support, and as a fan I feel like I can gain much more respect. It obviously has not hindered his success - how else would he be getting the chance to play at one of the largest music festivals in the world?

Pretty Lights is leading quite the musical revolution. With his versatile style, overwhelming amount of talent, and a backing of supportive and friendly fans, there is no doubt in my mind that Derek Smith is going nowhere but up. After this weekend I'm counting the days until I have a chance to experience the incredible live performance I witnessed again. And after listening to his set I'm sure you all will too!




(Pending full tracklist - Update coming soon!)

Free Music Downloads Available on the Pretty Lights Homepage!

And don't miss these amazing photos of Pretty Lights' performance at Ultra Music Festival this year!

By April Surrency