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Pretty Lights vs. The End of the World 2012 [Free Download]

Derek Smith always has a way of taking any sample and turning it into an auditory surprise, but this one brings back huge memories. My favorite Pretty Lights tracks are always the ones where he samples rock tracks and brings them together with Glitch and Soul, and this tribute to the end of the Mayan calendar is epic, even if the end of said calendar was anticlimactic. Cross sampling Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" and REM's "It's the End of the World As We Know It," PL evokes a new sound but also one that recalls my favorite composition of his, the Led Zeppelin Mashup (our very first Track of the Day!). Grab the free download and spread the love!

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: "Power" - GRiZ & Big Gigantic

It looks like GRiZ and Big Gigantic have been a lot busier than we thought. In addition to spending the past few months on tour together, they've decided to collaborate on some new music as well. The result of this collaboration, "Power," is a textbook example on how to mash up different musical styles. GRiZ’s funky, Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul sound is the perfect compliment to Big Gigantic's dub wobble, and bringing the two together creates a track that is both laidback and heavy-hitting at the same time. As a native Detroiter myself, GRiZ holds a very special place in my heart. It's very nice to see him becoming bigger and bigger in the EDM scene, and it doesn’t get any bigger than working with Big Gigantic. ‘Power’ is a new direction for both of these artists, and hopefully there are more GRiZ and Big Gigantic collaborations to come. 

By Jack Ulrich

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"Fly Like An Eagle" - Steve Miller Band (Psymbionic Remix)

Psymbionic has released some of his glitch magic onto the classic rock song "Fly Like An Eagle". I was skeptical at first; remixes of classic songs are always a hit-or-miss, and who could make a vintage Steve Miller song any better? Psymbionic instantly proved me wrong. Adding beats, bass, and synth in all the right spots, it's hard to keep your body still while listening to this funky track. This remix will leave you yearning for a build up whenever rocking out to Miller in the future. Psymbionic masterfully combines past and future with his Dubstep-Oldies fusion, and his remixes are not to be ignored.

By Sierra Rose
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Free Download: Crush EP - Antics

After a very long, but worthwhile wait, Antics just released their newest Crush EP today! If you've been on the lookout for some feel good, uplifting tunes, then this is the EP for you! The tracks range from Dubstep to Progressive, with even a little bit of Glitch-Hop thrown into the stew. “Coming Home”, the final track on the release, reminds me very much of a mix between Deadmau5’s “Raise your Weapon” and the outstanding Antics flavor! The title and intro is incredibly powerful, and incorporates the vocals from Antics very own, Steven Pitzl. Give these Midwest producers a spin and add this free download to your music collection today! 

Free Download

By Jessica Radtke


Free Download: "Colorado Mountain High" - Big Gigantic

The CO-born sound that is Big Gigantic is showing some serious love for the new marijuana legalization that has hit their home state! "Colorado Mountain High" will get you lifted more than the Boulder campus on 4/20, and that's saying quite a lot. Dom & Jeremy always impress with their ability to compress Jazz, Glitch-Hop, and bass onto a single mix and this free download is just as potent as we'd expect from the Rocky Mountain tokers! We're keeping our fingers cross that fellow Coloradan Derek Smith (Pretty Lights) releases a dedicated track, he seemed to be pretty excited to hear the news too!

By Edward Fancher