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Track of the Day: "Gettin' Live" - GRiZ

Words cannot describe the love I have for GRiZ’s ridiculously funky music. He has this amazing ability to unify traditional instruments such as saxophones and guitars with elements of Dubstep in a way that nobody else can. With GRiZ on the sax and Muzzy on guitar, "Gettin' Live" is one of the best Glitch Hop tracks you’ll hear this side of Pretty Lights. It’s amazing to see how far GRiZ and his music has come in a little over a year - from playing free shows in East Lansing, to touring with both Big Gigantic and Bassnectar in the fall, to playing at Lollapalooza and headlining Global Dance Festival Colorado alongside Gramatik this coming summer (yes, I said headlining!), GRiZ is finally receiving the recognition he deserves. Just like the rest of his music, GRiZ has made ‘Getting’ Live’ available for free download so grab this monster tune now!

By Jack Ulrich

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Free Download: "Bluestep" - Gramatik

This song is a few weeks old, but it’s too good to pass up. I can honestly say I have no clue what genre to put this in, so we’re gonna go with "Bluestep" as Gramatik himself put it. This song is absolute fire and will have you vibing the whole time, basically begging you to hit the replay button. Gramatik combines multiple genres throughout the song and kills every single one from Electro-Soul to Glitch. If you have yet to see this guy live, check him out. The dude absolutely throws down and will have you dancing harder than you ever thought possible, and is definitely one of my can’t miss sets at Camp Bisco this year.

Free Download

By Nick LeRoy



"Arnold Facepalmer" - heRobust (Free Download)

This young producer Hayden from Atlanta has been busting open the fabrics of the music industry lately with an onslaught of well produced free EPs and downloads. Today marked the release of his new four-track Busted House EP (stream continuous mix here), with "Arnold Facepalmer" being a true star. heRobust slaps together his brew of Glitch-Hop and Electro to bring us a track with a lot of pep. The whole EP is definitely worth the listen. On another note, big ups to heRobust for all these awesome track names!

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: "Taco Melt Squadron" - Model Melt


I had never heard of Model Melt prior to this song, but I took a triple take when I found out that he is only 18 years old. Glitch Hop is one of the trickiest genres to produce, and it is even rarer to find a track that is cohesively put together so that the melodic and abrasive elements balance each other out. "Taco Melt Squadron" may be an interesting song title, but nothing is left to the imagination besides wonder after you hit play. The song starts out with a complicated jazz intro reminiscent of Koan Sound, and the smooth overlaid guitar lines create an amazing soundscape to start off such a wild track. All hell breaks loose after the 40 second mark with a rip-roaring drop that features some sweet vocal samples and funky guitars, while the bass line plays off a syncopated rhythm to weave together the pieces of this intricate track. The melody in the interlude is laudable, and could be stand alone as a nice jazz sample. This song is the best of this style I have heard since the first time I discovered Koan Sound, and the fact that this was produced by an 18 year old is absolutely mind boggling. Download it for free courtesy of our friends over at!


By Andrew Cordivari




Track of the Day: "We Are One" - Pegboard Nerds ft. Splitbreed

The best thing about Electronic Dance Music right now is how so many unexpected combinations are coming into the spotlight. I'm not much for that soft Electro sound, in fact most of the times it puts me right to sleep. Even the harder Electro sound seems a bit too much to me most of the time. This is neither. In "We Are One" Pegboard Nerds meld the scratching bass and hard synth lines from your usual Electro track with a groovy Glitch rhythm and the result is a beast tune you all need to hear. Monstercat is beginning to establish itself as a stark new alternative to the sound of Mad Decent, Fools Gold, and Dim Mak, and that's not something I'm too upset about. Grab this one while it's hot off the presses, I assure you won't be disappointed.

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher