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"Fire Inside" (Gatzby Remix) - Gemini ft. Greta Svabo Bech

I remember the liberation I felt from Gemini's original when it landed on UKF's channel back in spring 2012. Greta Svabo Bech has one of the most sublime voices in all of electronic music, but she doesn't land appearances on too many tracks which makes it a special treat whenever she lends her vocals to the nightclub sound. This took some digging like most good Progressive and Electro tracks do these days, but it was well worth it and in the process I discovered something even more important than the track: a person. Gatzby is a 19 year old producer from Sweden who has lent his expert hand to remixes of Matisyahu and more, injecting each song he touches with "Fire Inside" and a rousing ensemble of inspiration that makes me question how I've been feeling about the mainstream sound these days. Grab the free download and watch out for more to come from this bombshell of a remixer!

By Edward Fancher


Triple Thump Thursday: 3 Bass Tracks That Are Blowing My Mind

After much research, I'm thrilled to report that there are so many new, badass dubstep tracks being released right now that I can't simply choose one to write on - so I'm choosing three. These epic wobble-filled tracks are my recent favorites, so here they are, my gift to you for what I know will be a rage-filled weekend. 

"Fight of My Life (Zeds Dead Remix)" - Colin Munroe


My favorite of the three, I'm proud to inform you that Zeds Dead has delivered yet another fucking awesome remix, just as DC promised in our interview with him two weeks ago. I'm moderately in love with this remix; it has been on repeat since I bought it and each time I hear it, I love it even more. This song is pretty much as good as it gets for me - the vocals are great, the wobbles are forceful but not too violent, and the piano melody is gorgeous (I'm a huge sucker for piano and violin in Dubstep). This remix is an absolute banger and I'm confident that all future tracks we see from ZD will be as awesome as this one. If you love this track, stay posted for my review of their The Living Dead EP, which will be coming to you directly (yes, that was a subtle Pulp Fiction reference. Deal with it.)

"My Kind of Love (Gemini Remix)" - Emeli Sandé


Gemini is easily one of my favorite producers at the moment. His remixes AND his original tracks are amazing, and I just can't get enough. I love how full his tracks sound - it's such a distinct sound that I can immediately recognize his work. I love this remix because it has the typical Gemini sound as well as the 2-step beat, beautiful melodic and harmonic lines, and stunning vocals. I give this track two very enthusiastic thumbs up--10/10, would listen again (right now). If you want to check out more Gemini, listen to his remix of "Stop and Stare" by Fenech-Soler that was in my first Chillstep playlist, and listen to his tracks "Blue" and "Feel Me."

"Leave the Lights On (Culture Code Remix)" - Meiko


Last but not least, we have a chill bass tune that I'm really feeling. The original version of this song is amazing as well as some of the other remixes (I mean yours, Morgan Page) but this one takes the cake in my opinion. It's chill while still being forceful - the wobbles are great and work perfectly with the vocals. This has definitely earned a place on my next Chillstep playlist (coming very soon to headphones near you). 

And I'm spent. Like my music taste? Let me know on Twitter @SaraLange922. Happy Thursday and Happy Partying - let's go rave.

By Sara Landry


Chillstep: A Chiller Dubstep

Chillstep is one of my favorite subgenres of electronic music, and it is exactly how it sounds: chill, mellow dubstep. I know that some of you may be thinking "Chill dubstep? That's not a thing," but I assure you that (a) it most definitely is a thing, and (b) it's quite awesome. Chillstep in and of itself has all the elements that we've come to associate with more popular forms of dubstep: the wobbles, the drum, the tempo, etc. but it also has elements of 90's trip hop and a more ambient vibe. In general, it is a lot more melodic, very relaxing, and can even be quite beautiful. Because this specific type of dubstep composition is more melodically based, there aren't a ton of artists who produce dubstep of this variation, and those that do are not very well known, though they are all extremely talented.

Here's a sampling of some Chillstep tracks I'm particularly into right now:
"Let It Be" - Blackmill
One of my favorite songs right now; it's absolutely beautifully made while still having some substantial wobble.
"Underwater" - Bassnectar
One of my favorites of all time and the track that made me search for dubstep with a more relaxed feel; this track is so ethereal and unbelievably beautiful and relaxing while still being pretty filthy. It's perfect.
"Stop and Stare" - Fenech-Soler (Gemini Remix)
This is easily one of Gemini's best tracks and is a favorite of mine. I love everything about this track, and I love that it has all the characteristic elements that Gemini puts in his music while still being very relaxed. 
"Youth" - Foxes (Adventure Club Remix)
Adventure Club has a number of excellent remixes, but this is one of my favorites. Definitely worth a listen and is very well done.
"Lofticries" - Purity Ring
I'm not entirely sure this is purely dubstep, but I love the sensual sound of the song, and I fell in love the first time I heard it. 
By Sara Landry
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Bass Heavy Electro House Track "Fire Inside" - Gemini ft. Greta Svabo Bech

Featuring the amazing vocals of Greta Svabo Bech (known for her collaboration with Deadmau5 on the track "Raise Your Weapon"), this track by British Electro House producer Gemini is sure to be a hit. Gemini's mix is dirty, hard, and melodic, breaching the gap between Electro House, dubstep, and drum & bass.

By Edward Fancher