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Free Live Set Downloads from EDC Chicago

It's been chilly here in the Midwest, but the tunes are here to warm you up whether you're headed to DEMF or EDC Chicago this weekend. The inaugural Midwest stop of EDC was welcomed with open arms in Joliet, Illinois starting with the early campers who poured into the grounds on Thursday. Last night saw performances from the likes of Kaskade, Above & Beyond, David Guetta, and countless other headliners on top of a stacked lineup overall. So far my favorite set here is Gabriel & Dresden's, be sure to give it a listen! We'll be updating this post as more are uploaded and reuploading a lot of these so they're faster to download - but for now off to DEMF!


Gabriel & Dresden

DJ Animale

Manufactured Superstars

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"As the Rush Comes" (Above & Beyond Remix) - Motorcycle

If you were in attendance for the life-changing Anjunabeats Volume 10 party this past Saturday, I'm sure like us you're still recovering. Tony and Jono played a lot of tracks known and unknown, peppering in their Group Therapy classics and a few OceanLab treats in between hard-hitting IDs. One of the tracks I was most curious of after seeing them was the track they spun during the encore, which I'm sure they picked especially for the great occasion it was. Gabriel & Dresden team up for "As the Rush Comes" with vocalist Jes to form the new production alias Motorcycle, which is then given the special A&B "Dynaglide" remix treatment. Trust me that this was truly a beautiful song, especially with that soundsystem. My ears are still ringing!

By Edward Fancher


"Play It Back" - Gabriel & Dresden ft. Betsie Larkin (Maor Levi Remix)

Today more than ever the world needs some Group Therapy! After the terrible tragedy of this morning it's time to reflect on what really matters in this world, and what we can do to ultimately change it. Every flaw in our world right now has its roots in hate, and there's only one thing we can do to change that: shower it with love. Above & Beyond know exactly what that's about, and that's precisely why they get on air every week to bring us some compassion despite having a hugely exhausting international touring circuit. Today's Record of the Week was massive as always. Featuring the vocals of Betsie Larkin, who we are hugely excited to see perform solo and alongside Ferry Corsten and Dash Berlin at POP NYE, Gabriel & Dresden's production is topped up to the max with Maor Levi's progressive edit. Turn up the love people!

Listen to ABGT 006 Here

By Edward Fancher


Quadruple Stacked Trance Tuesday

"Play It Back" - Gabriel & Dresden feat. Bestie Larkin (Gabriel & Dresden Sunrise Mix)

Trance duo Gabriel & Dresden are back at it again with their new single with renowned vocalist Bestie Larkin. With gorgeous lyrics and a sound similar to their single "Tracking Treasure Down", Gabriel & Dresden create a great new sound while still maintaining their signature stylistic elements. This Sunrise mix has much more depth and is a lot more uplifting than the original track. High pitched strings enhance the deep bass, and the combination of synth, melody, and clear rhythm create an unusually pleasant, cohesive mix

"Believe" - Chris Schweizer (Original Mix)

Recently released on Soundpiercing records, this Progressive track has some attitude. Chris Schweizer combines Tech, Electro and Trance, creating a melody with a sweet kick while still maintaining that gorgeous Trance breakdown. Featured on ASOT 584, this song will be a favorite among Armada fans especially since it has such a great trance anthem comparable to W&W's anthems. Schweizer creates a strong Trance ballad that seamlessly ties the heavenly break into his banger electro melody. I urge you to check this energetic Trance track out; you won't be able to listen to it just once. 

"Sun In Your Eyes" - Above & Beyond (Daniel Kandi Remix)

I always try to bring a lot of variety to the table when it comes to Trance Tuesday, and I have to say that I am very, very excited for this track! Daniel Kandi has done a phenomenal job in the past remixing Above & Beyond's tracks into dramatic, emotional uplifting melodies. "Sun In Your Eyes" is already a gorgeous track filled with beautiful moments, and Daniel Kandi only enhances them with this remix. If you love the trance that was popular 3 years ago, the kind that tugs on heart strings and tells your ears a story, then this is for you. 

Golden Oldies

"Without You Near" - Markus Schulz, Departure and Gabriel & Dresden (Coldharbor Mix)

Rated DJ Magazine's #13 best DJ, Markus Schulz has been around for quite some time. In 2005, he produced this track called "Without You Near" with Trance duo Gabriel & Dresden. Starting off with dark vocals that carry a heavy, mysterious vibe, this track then breaks into a melody that sheds hope into the somber lyrics. While Markus Schulz has gone on to accomplish much bigger and better things, this track will remain timeless. With a unique sound and haunting vocals, "Without You Near" stands out from the rest. If you are a Markus Schulz fan, you too can respect his old tracks even though they differ immensely from the sound he puts out now.

By April Surrency

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