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"Do Or Die" (Flosstradamus Remix) - Flux Pavilion ft. Childish Gambino

Before Electric Forest (still heartbroken that it's over), I was familiar with Flosstradamus but had never really listened to their music. Seeing the Chicago duo killing it live in the Holy Land definitely gained them new fans, with myself being one of them. Their newest release brings you right back to being in the crowd at the Tripolee stage with crazy lights in your face and love radiating all around you. Mixing Flux Pavilion's "Do Or Die," the duo introduce a Trap vibe over the original rap by Childish Gambino, adding that higher element to keep your knees moving through the entire 4 minute duration. If you need your fix of hard Hip-Hop drops check the song now!

By Elyse Rousseau


Free Download: Flux Pavilion Mix for Diplo & Friends

If you've needed a little bass in your life lately, look no further because there's a lifetime's worth in Flux Pavilion’s new mix for the Diplo & Friends weekly Saturday show for BBC Radio 1. Diplo & Friends has quickly become a respected platform for artists to stop holding back and broadcast a plethora of new tunes, and this week's edition far exceeds all expectations. Debuting many new Circus Records on top of some of his own, Flux will strike down all questions as to the integrity of the mix as soon as you dive in. While the beginning of this week's broadcast came from Cashmere Cat, the audio below starts right as Flux takes control. He still can't stop.


34.Odjbox & Pierre – Dub [Circus]
35.Flux Pavilion – OnetwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna) [Circus]
36.Doctor P – Champagne Bop [Circus]
37.Doctor P & Mizuki – Dark Matter [Circus]
38.Flux Pavilion – Starlight [Circus]
39.Funtcase – Out For Da Milli [Circus]
40.Cookie Monsta Feat. Flux Pavilion – Come Find Me
41.Flux Pavilion Feat. Childish Gambino – Do Or Die [Circus]
42.Savant – Ghetto Blastah [Sectionz]
43.Funtcase – Voodew [Circus]
44.Flux Pavilion – Blow The Roof [Circus]
45.Major Lazer – Watch Out For This (Bumaye) [Mad Decent]
46.Flux Pavilion Feat. Sway & P Money – Double Edge
47.Mizuki – Block Party [Circus]
48.Doctor P – Flying Spaghetti Monster [Circus]
49.Felix Cartel & Autoerotique – The Alarm [Dim Mak]
50.Flux Pavilion – I Feel It [Circus]
51.Skream – Sticky [Ammunition]
52.Major Lazer & Flux Pavilion – Jah No Partial (Jack Beats Remix)
53.Major Lazer & Flux Pavilion – Jah No Partial [Dowtown]
54.Major Lazer & Flux Pavilion – Jah No Partial (Nonsens Remix) [Dub]
55.Funtcase – Stomptown [Circus]
56.Funtcase & Cookie Monsta – Atom Bomb [Circus]
57.Skream – Scrooge’s Revenge [Ammunition]
58.Cookie Monsta – Cave Of Gold [Circus]
59.Roksonix – 2 Bad (VIP) [Circus]
60.Flux Pavilion & Skism Feat. Foreign Beggars – Jump Back [Circus]
61.Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks [Fly Eye]
62.Skism – Killer [Never Say Die]
63.Three Loco – Neato [Mad Decent]
64.Funtcase – Predator [Circus]
65.Candyland – Bring The Rain (Brown And Gammon Remix) [Spinnin]
66.Tc – Get Down Low [Don't Play]
67.Posij – Empty Lungs [Division]
68.Tnght – Higher Ground [Warp]
69.Antiserum & Mayhem – Trippy [Firepower]
70.DJ Snake – Together [Mad Decent]
71.Flux Pavilion – The Scientist [Circus]
72.Roksonix – Dogfight [Circus]
73.Flux Pavilion – I Still Can’t Stop [Circus]

By Steph Perez

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EDM Lounge Interviews Flux Pavilion

Before the madness of WMC commenced this weekend, I had the chance to sit down with one of the Ultra artists and masterminds of dubstep himself, Flux Pavilion. The bass violently shaking the venue in Providence, RI was directly in sync with my heartbeat as I entered the room backstage where Flux, real name Josh Steele, was sitting right before the show. As he smoked his cigarette and extended his hand to greet me, I asked if I should address him as "Lumpy Space Princess." He immediately laughed and responded, "Yes you can if you want" (if you follow him on Twitter you'll know what this means).

So the last time I saw you was at Electric Zoo when you played with Doctor P. Now that the Blow the Roof EP is out I realized how many of your songs from the EP were actually previewed in the set, so I wanted to know roughly how long did it take you to work on the EP?

About 2 years.

Wow 2 years?

Pretty much yeah for the most part 2 years. I just was kind of working on my music, not so much just the EP. 

Would you say it’s your best work to date? 

Yeah definitely as Flux Pavilion.

I would have to agree, so a different question for you: do you wish Dillon Francis could permanently live on your couch?

Um, no (laughs)

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"The Scientist" (Original Mix) - Flux Pavilion 

How am I supposed to summon the right words to describe how amazing Flux Pavilion's new music is? Today he treated us all with another song "The Scientist" off his highly anticipated new EP Blow the Roof. Expect nothing less than bass perfection and fitting lyrics for the extremely eager EDM community awaiting the U.S. release on the 29th. I know I already grabbed my pre-order for Blow the Roof and you should definitely do the same. All I have to say for now is press play, sit back, and soak in the bass until Tuesday. Count down to the Scientist!

Out now on Beatport!

By Steph Perez

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"I Feel It" (Original Mix) - Flux Pavilion

We need to make a shirt that says "You Had Me At Flux Pavilion." But really, January has been wonderful with a new track of his trickling out every week. There's a lot of hype surrounding the Brit's latest EP Blow the Roof, and this one just shows how versatile his style can be. Not his heaviest bass track (or even remotely close), "I Feel It" recalls a soft French-House sound full of jazz, long-chords, and a lot of soul. This whole EP is shaping up to be a gold record for Electronic Dance Music, and I can't contain my excitement to see what else he has up his sleeve. Be sure to check out Huffington Post's exclusive interview with him about the new release, and Blow the Roof EP, which hits stores on the 28th. 

By Edward Fancher