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"Soothe My Soul" (Feed Me Remix) - Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode's latest album that released this Spring Delta Machine has been hailed by Entertainment Weekly as "the strongest album the group has put out this century." Any festival fanatic knows that all the big DJs love to spin the Depeche Mode classics, but there's far more remix prospects in their synthpop discography than "Personal Jesus." Today I present you with a track that released back in July but has yet to be featured online, Feed Me's remix of "Soothe My Soul," the second single released off the album after "Heaven." Jon Gooch's monstrous persona has developed into a production outlet that feeds right into the meaty, synth-layering that sets him and this remix apart from a lot of the tunes circulating cyberspace right now. Jon recently pushed his album release back to October so we may possibly see this tune land a spot on the tracklisting. Stay tuned for more!

By Edward Fancher


Death By Robot EP (Preview) - Feed Me


Feed Me is hyping up his new EP by releasing three previews of tracks set to be on the Death by Robot EP due out January 2013 on the Mau5trap label. Feed me aka John Gooch is an English DJ/Producer who has a habit of throwing together Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and Electro House all in one set.


He’s known for the devilish monster character that serves as a backdrop for all of his work including his stage set up. The first sneak peek track is "Death by Robot," the title track of the new EP. This is Electro House at its finest with talkboxing lyrics consisting of a robo vocals and bouncy electro synths making it an upcoming dance club favorite. "Dialup Days" consists of the scattered bleeps and electronic sounds one might assume a robot to get down to, a mashup of the old dialup days of AOL and minimalistic melodies. Last on the preview is "Gravel." This track shows the gritty nature of Feed Me's tracks with its glitchy dirty drops.

This EP preview is setting the tone for what is to come with Feed Me and is coming out in perfect timing with the creation of an interactive Feed Me monster who will be taking the stage with him (video above). Be sure to check him out on his tour around the USA and grab tickets below!

By Jill Brown


"Love Is All I Got" - Feed Me & Crystal Fighters

Jonathan Gooch, better known as Feed Me, teams up with eclectic Folktronica band Crystal Fighters to create a unique indie inspired Electro track.  Starting with an upbeat synth pop melody and soothing vocals similar to MGMT or Passion Pit, "Love Is All I Got" drops into an addictive electro beat with the characteristic Feed Me bass growls and rumbles, but with a softer feel. This combination of Electro House and synth pop proves to be a huge success and it gives this track the possibility of getting airtime on mainstream radio for its unique blend of EDM and pop. Incorporating electro elements with the catchiness associated with pop music, this soothing yet glitchy track is sure to be his next hit to come out before his new EP releases in the coming months!

By Tommy Carolin


"Little Cat Steps" - Feed Me

After being off the grid since this past February, UK dance veteran Feed Me follows up his electric Escape From The Mountain EP with a fresh new track "Little Cat Steps," yet another piece released on Deadmau5mau5trap label. The track title is inherently ironic - Feed Me’s distinguishable mechanical synth leads and heavy-hitting beats do anything but make little cat steps. This particular track is interesting relative to the Feed Me style because of the progressive arrangement that's featured cohesively with a Dubstep breakdown and other Electro elements. However, it’s refreshing to see Feed Me feed his listeners tracks that demonstrate his versatile production abilities. Be on the lookout for more from one of EDM's finest!

Out now on Beatport!

By Kiren Srinivasan


Review: Tommy Trash at Webster Hall NYC

The amount of talent in New York City this past weekend was astonishing. Picking and choosing between shows to see proved to be a chore. However, Webster Hall was absolutely the place to be Friday night. The line for entry extended around the block, and the the venue was packed solid. Fans anxiously awaited the London-based rising star Tommy Trash to take stage.

The ARIA Award-nominee began his set at 1:30am, without the use of any fancy visuals, which he frankly didn't need. Known for his real dirty sound, he wowed the crowd with a collection of his own originals, remixes, edits and bootlegs sending fans into a dancing frenzy.

Tommy Trash began his set with originals Monkey See Monkey DoCascade, and Future Folk, transitioning flawlessly into remixes of Zedd's Shave It, and Dada Life's Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker, and then back into originals Sex Drugs, Rock N Rolland The End.

He certainly commanded the crowd like I've never seen, keeping fans begging for more. Well-known artists Kill The Noise and Feed Me were spotted on stage to support Tommy Trash; at one point security was seen scolding Kill The Noise for parading around the stage (how dare they)?!

As promised on the DJ's Facebook page, "If clubbers expect to hear me play a lot of my own stuff then that’s what they’ll get. But also I plan on remixing my remixes and remixing my originals specifically for these shows. It will be a unique experience in that clubbers will only get to hear these tracks by seeing me live. They’ll get special versions that no other DJ has" Tommy Trash delivered just that. He brought the rockstar vibe to Webster Hall, head-banging and raging along with fans during his entire set. This is a live show you surely do not want to miss!

Review by Laryssa Loza