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8 Acts To Catch at Electric Forest Festival

It's that time of year again when the Forest friends new and old make their pilgrimage to Rothbury, Michigan for four days of music, art, and fellowship. Unlike many music festivals, the exploratory feel of Electric Forest is conducive to discovering new artists, which we are grateful to be doing for our third year this week. In the time before the festival, I encourage you all to take a look at the wealth of musical innovation that graces this year's lineup. Either way, be sure to check out 8 of our recommendations for this year!

Thursday, June 26


Tripolee, 7:30-8:45 PM

This Dirtybird girl adds a plentiful supply of sass to your typical House sound. Illinois native Jessica Phillippe is no stranger to booty shaking House, and after a commanding performance in May at Detroit's Movement festival, we have high hopes for Thursday.


Sherwood Court, 9:00-10:15 PM

Take a trip through the depths of the forest, pop out on the other side, and bask in EOTO's space-age bass. Masters of beat-contortion Michael Travis and Jason Hann are ready to blend and bleed sounds along to a spectacular visual display, all at your brain's speed limit. 

Friday, June 27


Sherwood Court, 7:00-8:15 PM

This Ohio based collective has been one of my favorite bands this past year. While their sound is undoubtedly groovy and Techno influenced, their allure lies in an impressive versatility that's hard to pin down, a sound that mixes and matches folk, psychedelia, tribal, and experimental. To top it off, their message is always one of love and gravitating towards your inner harmony, making Forest one of the most ideal places to catch them.

Golf Clap

Forest Stage, 9:30-10:30 PM

Friday night at the Forest Stage is set to be one of the most epic moments of our weekend. Leading the Detroit invasion is none other than Golf Clap, a duo that had us swooning last month at Movement. This House tag-team is on a trajectory to international renown, with a record setting 2014 that is still unfolding.

Kevin Saunderson b2b Dantiez Saunderson

Forest Stage, 11:00 PM - 1:15 AM

This is by far the set I'm looking most forward to and one I encourage you not to miss. The originator of Techno and one of the Belleville Three, Saunderson has been sharpening the infectious Detroit sound since the 80s. This Friday he'll be joined by his middle son, Dantiez, for one of the longest and most anticipated sets of the festival. 

Saturday, June 28

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A Weird Trip Back Into The Electric Forest

A year of anticipation had finally come to an end. Since my first trip to Rothbury in the summer of 2012 a lot had changed. Last year’s experience defined my summer and what I would come to expect of the season: autonomy, companionship, and release.

The sun had long set over Manhattan as we took off into the night, passing quickly through New Jersey and into the densely fogged hills of Pennsylvania. The moonlit scape over the ascending highways made it seem like we were slowly rising towards a new planet, one with new rules and a refreshing take on life. By the late afternoon the sun was high in the sky shining at our backs as we passed through a tree-lined meadow north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Traffic slowed to a halt as we and the rest of our love tribe approached the exit for the Double JJ Resort.

Florally painted vans and cars bumped everything from psychedelic rock to psy-Trance as we slowly and anxiously trudged along the country road, with the ferris wheel floating like a mirage far across the grassland. Girls and boys ran out of their crowded cars to pick daisies from fields, running up to car windows handing them out as a peace offering or affixing them as a crown on their heads. An hour later we found our way through the camp entrance to the little square patch that would be our home for the next four nights, and quickly set up our tents so we could get to exploring.

Soon the grounds had become a vibrant neighborhood to wander with each street putting forth a life of its own, with our little alley easily recognizable by the Jolly Roger flag that whipped in the breeze 20 feet up. By the fall of dusk we made our way down and over to the festival entrance winding our way through the row of vendors on main street. I was happy to see many of the same artists as the year prior hawking everything from tapestries to beautifully blown glass bowls to intricate and huge holographic wall art that transformed and transfixed from every angle.

Our first jaunt into the festival grounds came when reggae-electronica fusion trio A Tribe Called Red were on the decks of the Tripolee stage by the main entrance. After jamming out for a half hour we made our way over to explore the forest while it was still daytime. I had been waiting for a year to show some new people the wonders of Sherwood Forest even though I was plenty excited for my own return to the woods to see what new and recognizable mind-altering thrills it had in store this year. Strolling up the path that leads up to the forest gates is always an electrifying journey. Multicolored lanterns dangling from lines above saturate the visual spectrum, slowly but surely preparing your mind for unraveling. But nothing can truly prepare anyone for the vacuum of weird that exists beyond the owl-guarded portal. 

Within the realm of Sherwood normal is insane and maniacs roam free. An energy vortex seals the truth within the plane of surreal that slopes its way through the two tree-lined streets. The forest is a classroom for the eccentric, the lost, and the living. It speaks in ways unknown, echoing silence through the alleys of pilgrims swinging away on their hammocks high in the trees. It assaults our consciousness with the chaotic reality of existence, tangling our minds in the ether of supersized dreamcatchers, and clouds our vision in its hazy corners. 

Inside the gateway we are greeted with mimes on stilts, unicycle-riding knife jugglers, candy princesses, and butterfly dancers. But beyond the paid performers there are a seemingly infinite amount of vibrant friendships that are waiting to be made. We find our way to this group of three little hollow igloo looking structures and start the Forest dating game. Within seconds we know everyone in our circle as if they were our best friends. When they depart we are sad but know we have shared a pure connection with them all; it's bittersweet. But new friends come fill the seats left vacant and we get to talking and listening again. And the cycle continues for four days. In the Forest strangers are friends you had but hadn't met yet.

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20 Reasons Why It's Not Too Late To Go To Electric Forest

I cannot begin to describe how excited we all are to embark on our return journey to Rothbury next weekend to celebrate the third annual Electric Forest festival. Since coming back from last year, I've been a sort of missionary for the festival trying to get as many people as possible to go so they too can take part in the most revitalizing experience I have ever had. It's never too late to celebrate summertime in America, and I encourage you all to join no matter if it's this week. Here's a short list of my reasons Electric Forest beats any festival, with some of our pictures from last year. 

1. Free Spirits, Everywhere

2. String Cheese, & Lots of It

Credit: Tobin Voggesser

3. Watching the Sunrise Over Big Wildcat Lake

Credit: Spady Photography

4. Above & Beyond Electric Group Forest Therapy


5. Drum Circles

Credit: Tobin Voggesser

6. Hoopers. Troupes of Them.

Credit: Tobin Voggesser

7. Pretty Lights Closing Out the Festival

8. Getting Dirty, and Not Caring

Credit: Brooke Allan for EDM Lounge

9. Trapeze Acts in Sherwood Forest

Credit: Tobin Voggesser

10. Coordinated Glowstick-Eruptions

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Electric Forest Unveils "The Electric Garden"

The very moment you step into Sherwood Forest you're no longer on this Earth. Last year we were all absolutely blown away by the beauty of the artistry and production at Electric Forest, which varied from contortionists dressed as butterflies to projections onto nets that were hung on the trees, creating the illusion that objects were swimming through the emptiness. The most impressive part of it all was that all of these installations were created by festival attendees, including a full saloon that would fit over thirty people made solely of objects found in the forest.

This year will see the first expansion of Sherwood Forest in festival history, with most of the new additions remaining a mystery until you step foot inside. However, the festival's Plug-In program has been working since early in the year to give grants to artists committed to bringing cerebral new experiences to the depth of the woods. The first grant given was to "The Cerebrum of Electric Forest" a huge projection-mapped brain that will hang from above.

There were so many submissions for the installation project that the folks at the Plug-In program decided to give away three more grants. Today we are presented with the latest recipient, "The Electric Garden." Laura and Dave from Boston (known collectively as "das'lala") have years of experience combining audio-visual technologies with art, and will be bringing us a spectacular feast for our eyes come June, billed as "an immersive and surreal digital nature experience." The Electric Garden is "an interactive, electronic, touch-sensitive garden that glows brightly upon human touch. This electroluminescent field of over 40 giant glowing flower sculptures will be situated deep in the Forest for festival-goers to play, touch, engage, and relax." 

Electric Forest Plug-In

By Edward Fancher


Be or Pick The King & Queen of Electric Forest & Win a Free Trip

The best part about the Forest is the people and the art they bring with them, and this year the festival through their Plug-In Program is bringing art to the forefront before the fun even kicks off! So far they've given a grant to the winner of the art-installation contest to build a giant projection-mapped brain called "The Cerebrum of Electric Forest." This week the Plug-In program kicks off their multi-week video "King and Queen" contest, with the winners picked by an online audience. The winners will both receive 2 Good Life passes, a $500 sponsorship on their idea to best improve the festival, and private rides in a golf cart "chariot." The first video challenge must be submitted by this Wednesday at 12 Noon. Make sure to watch the contest even if you're camera shy - one lucky voter will be winning a free 4 day pass!

Official Contest Rules

Week 1 Challenge

By Edward Fancher