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In Photos: Night Two at EDC Vegas

Last night saw another sold-out crowd of 115,000 people descend upon the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to see over 75 dance music acts. For the Saturday night festivities, EDC went all out for a parade of over 50 clowns and lollipop girls from the CircuitGrounds stage through the massive complex. Night two also saw more of a chance for festivalgoers to interact with the art installations that were around them, from Poet Kinetic's trademark Electric Daisy sculpture, a 100 foot tall moving flower, to Soma, a 50 foot long interactive fire display made by the Flaming Lotus Girls. Take a peek with us into last night's rainbow gala.

By Edward Fancher

Photo Credit: Erik Kabik & Tom Donoghue

Photo Credit: OhDagYo & Life After Dusk for Insomniac


A Photo Recap: Night One at EDC Vegas

The first of three nights of the sold-out 17th annual Electric Daisy Carnival came to a close early this morning. With yesterday's attendance numbers well over 100,000, the budget for this year's extravaganza has increased enormously, allowing for a 100-foot animatronic owl to grace KineticFIELD as well as countless other art installations. Check out the photos of the biggest celebration of the year below and check back in a bit for some live set downloads and track listings.

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Night Settles Over The Electric Daisy Carnival: In Photos

There's something magic about the combination of that picture above, the change into summer, and the supermoon tomorrow night, and everyone not at EDC Vegas has been eagerly anticipating a first look at the festival. A short journey into the desert wonderland below is a dive into unchartered waters for the American electronic music and nightlife community - and it's just getting dark. Insomniac's most vibrant dreams are becoming a reality tonight and we can't wait to join them. Join us as we venture further down the rabbithole tonight until the sun rises Monday morning. Check back tomorrow for live set downloads from the night.

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EDM Lounge Interviews Cazzette

I was able to enjoy a brief chat with Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bjorklund, the Swedish duo better known as Cazzette, before their set Saturday night at the Midwest's first ever Electric Daisy Carnival in Chicago. The two made a huge debut into the scene in 2011 after their first release of the remix "Sweet Dreams," originally remixed by Avicii. Their manager Ash Pournouri, most notable for Avicii's stardom, is one of the scene's behind-the-scenes powerhouses, but it looks like his magic has been working on Cazzette's rise to fame as well. "Beam Me Up" has been blowing up the charts, generating a combined total of 8 million views on YouTube and 4.4 million streams on Spotify, leaving the world in the palm of their hands. I wanted to see what they were going to do with it.

Sierra Rose: This is the first EDC Chicago, how does it feel to be here?

Sebastian Fuller: We really love Chicago as a city and the crowd here is amazing. We just play clubs here basically so, this is the first time doing a festival here so its really exciting and it's EDC so..

Alexander Bjorklund: Yeah, it's cool to be apart of the first one, ya know?

SR: How do you think Chicago will compare to other EDCs?

SF: It's really tough. First of all, it's raining today (laughter)

AB: There was really good sun in New York and even though Vegas wasn't it was still pretty hot, so...

SF: Ask us after our set. (laughter)

SR: After the set? Okay! Do you prefer the festival or the club scene? I've seen you guys at The Mid the past two times you have been there and they were awesome shows but I've also seen you at Ultra, which was equally amazing, so?

SF: Well I mean, we love clubs and festivals but I think we like to do festivals sometimes and sometimes clubs. Because if you just do festivals for awhile, it just gets boring, if you just do clubs for a while it gets boring. Theaters too are very cool. That's like maybe the best one because it's like a festival but still very intimate. You can look, see people in their faces and you know reactions and stuff like that.

SR: How long did it take to create "Eject"?

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Don't Miss This Weekend at EDC Vegas: Darren Styles

I first caught wave of Darren a few years back when I stumbled upon some of his work with Mark Brady under the name Styles & Breeze, and later had the experience of seeing him at some underground events in Arizona where he used to frequent. The name itself brings back nostalgia of the haydays of the American rave in the early 2000s as one of the finest examples of Hardcore with a Trance crossover. As Styles & Breeze the two churned out stacks of underground hits with two top twenty singles "You're Shining" and "Heartbeatz."

But Styles' roots go back much further as one of the UK rave movement's most prominent contenders. His first record releases trace back to the breakbeat hardcore trio DJ Force & The Evolution which arrived on the virgin scene in 1993. After garnering support from British megastars like Carl Cox, Darren formed a new alliance with one of The Evolutions' members Paul Hobbs to establish a record label that would support their efforts of dominating the sound of UK Hardcore. Fast forward to '97 and the two are in the sky 24/7 as they lead the revolution that echoed from Ibiza to Manchester and all the way to America as Force & Styles: Happy Hardcore. 

There's no doubt today this sounds retro, but it is also one of the most influential electronic tracks ever produced after Ultrabeat went in for the remix. But alas, after being gradually influenced more by video games and J-Pop than acoustic sound, Happy Hardcore faded into the shadows faster than Dance Dance Revolution, paving a road for the harder sound that Styles would create with Breeze and beyond on his solo career. 

Darren's sound will never lose its sleek production and unmistakable cheerfulness. Since the popularity of dance music sprung back here in America and the UK back in 2009, Styles has capitalized on the more aggressive sounds of dance drawing his new inspiration from evolving genres like Drumstep. One thing is for sure though, Hardcore will always be the game and Styles is going to bring that pure adrenaline-fueled hysteria straight to your ears at the Speedway this weekend - don't miss him!

By Edward Fancher