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A Bass Action Movie: Alpha Omega LP - Caspa

Caspa's 15-track Alpha Omega LP is as ambitious as it is diverse. Easily doubling as an action movie soundtrack, this album’s influences should be no surprise: Caspa's recent résumé includes both Kick-Ass 2, and Halo 4, to name a few.

The eponymous first track, "Alpha Omega," is as lofty as the name implies, including almost every element in EDM from its beginning to its end. Channeling the start of a Michael Bay movie, this song could easily be played with quick visual cuts of an aircraft carrier, jets flying overhead, soldiers with camo facepaint – their legs dangling over the edge of a fast-moving helicopter swirling past lavish blue seas in the background, guns locked and loaded. Then, hints of dry, dubstep bass beats bubbling out of molten metal, transitioning to progressive house, then going back to its action movie soundtrack – guns locked and loaded.

The action continues through track 2: "Setting Sun." Here, Caspa’s soldiers have landed, and they’re charging towards their enemy. If "Alpha Omega" was all about adrenaline, this song’s violins and vocals peel back the intensity to replace the adrenaline with high emotion. Everything feels significant. This songs weaves trance through light dubstep, climbing with snare claps in a military rhythm.

Skipping over to "Sexy Beast," the bass beat is slow, meticulous, relentless. Percussive, drowning sounds transition to a quick fade-out into empty space.

"Techno Terry" comes out with a Tiesto vibe: light, bouncy, driving down into low bass with percussive synth melody driving the rhythm along. If the first tracks were a tribute to action movie soundtracks, then "Techno Terry" is an homage to late 90's EDM – but Caspa has managed to make it sound fresh and new again. I only wish it were longer, as we only get a small three-minute taste of this before we delve into the darker, post-apocalyptic sounds of "Ghost Town."

With some solid but forgettable tracks in-between, the album picks up again with Ayah Marar's powerful vocals in "One by One." This track makes it clear why Calvin Harris brings her on tour for live vocals – she nails this track. Caspa, smartly, does not try to shine in this song; he uses light synth and tight, subtle bass to supports her vocals rather than trying to compete with them. A smart track.

"Let the Rush Kick In" manages to sound laid back and adrenalizing all at the same time. It effortlessly strings together roots of 60s Jamaican dub to contemporary dubstep.

The last two tracks bring the LP full circle – back to Alpha Omega’s action movie theme – and they could easily be woven into the outro credits of a Jason Bourne movie. The superfast snare intensity of "Reach for the Sky" eventually relents to the slow wubs and soft synth of "Back for the First Time." This last track fulfills a similar function to Skrillex's "Summit" on his Bangarang EP – a nice, ethereal break from the intensities of the previous songs. A palate cleanser of an ending, giving you a nice moment of clarity to cap-off an ambitious sophomore effort of an LP.

Alpha Omega is a mosaic of an LP, with self-contained genres scattered throughout the album's overriding action themes. Although Alpha Omega can stray from its focus, more often than not it provides the listener with refreshing variety rather than filler.

When to listen: While playing an FPS, or, as an alternate soundtrack to some of your favourite action movies.

Definitely check out: "Alpha Omega," "Setting Sun," "Techno Terry," "One By One," and "Reach for the Sky."

Out now on Beatport!

By Grant Petersen


"EDM Death Machine" (Original Mix) - Knife Party

This one dropped less than 10 minutes ago on the UKF channel in anticipation of Rob & Gareth's follow up to Rage Valley dropping this coming Monday. Today Knife Party are here to assure you that they and they alone will get the final beat in with their "EDM Death Machine" before Wolfgang Gartner's apocalypse comes to a dramatic climax. There will be no Internet friends, no antidote, the human race will be extinct - so get ready to say hello to the robots. Is it just me or does anyone else hear the "Sandstorm" progression at 2:47?

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: Haunted House Anon FM Mix - Knife Party

Say hello to the robot for Gareth & Rob's latest mix in anticipation of their new EP that's due out next Monday. These two are some of the only producers in the scene not guilty of stuffing their repertoires with shit records in the past six months and their third EP and follow up to Rage Valley is surely going to be a smash-hit this summer. The mix starts off with one of their best new tracks "EDM Death Machine" before spinning through 10 IDs, with at least one of them being featured on the new album. The Aussies know how to keep the power up with their new go-to bangers from "Power Glove" to "LRAD," but you've heard all those before. This week the two step up the Electro game and show us their picking skills. Check the tracklist and expect greatness when these hit the festival circuit this summer from Vegas to Electric Forest!

Free Download


1. EDM Death Machine - KP
2. Long Way From Home - Fedde le Grand + Sultan & Ned Shepard
3. Slow Down - Showtek
4. ID - Knife Party
5. ID - ID
6. Save the World (KP Remix) - SHM
7. Techno Saturday - Nom de STrip
8. ID - ID
9. ID - ID
10. Fire - Jacob Plant
11. ID - ID
12. ID - ID
13. Power Glove - KP
14. ID - ID
15. Anaconda - Wolfgang Gartner
16. ID - ID
17. Rage Valley (VIP) - KP
18. ID - ID
19. Do It (Life in Color Anthem 2013) - R3hab & David Solano w/
Internet Friends (VIP) - KP w/
LRAD - KP w/
Internet Friends (ID Remix) - KP
20. Bounce - Space Laces
21. Sleaze - KNP
22. Get Lucky (ID Remix) - Daft Punk
23. Bonfire - KP
24. ID - ID
25. ID - ID

By Edward Fancher


Leaked Video: Krewella & Fall Out Boy In The Studio

Krewella have launched themselves from obscurity to superstardom in a little over six months, and tonight we were just tipped off to their latest break onto the mainstream scene. If you watch the video below closely you can see Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy sitting in the studio with Jahan and the rest of the Krew. Is it just me, or are the lyrics in the background saying "we are louder than your ballsack?"

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: Flux Pavilion Mix for Diplo & Friends

If you've needed a little bass in your life lately, look no further because there's a lifetime's worth in Flux Pavilion’s new mix for the Diplo & Friends weekly Saturday show for BBC Radio 1. Diplo & Friends has quickly become a respected platform for artists to stop holding back and broadcast a plethora of new tunes, and this week's edition far exceeds all expectations. Debuting many new Circus Records on top of some of his own, Flux will strike down all questions as to the integrity of the mix as soon as you dive in. While the beginning of this week's broadcast came from Cashmere Cat, the audio below starts right as Flux takes control. He still can't stop.


34.Odjbox & Pierre – Dub [Circus]
35.Flux Pavilion – OnetwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna) [Circus]
36.Doctor P – Champagne Bop [Circus]
37.Doctor P & Mizuki – Dark Matter [Circus]
38.Flux Pavilion – Starlight [Circus]
39.Funtcase – Out For Da Milli [Circus]
40.Cookie Monsta Feat. Flux Pavilion – Come Find Me
41.Flux Pavilion Feat. Childish Gambino – Do Or Die [Circus]
42.Savant – Ghetto Blastah [Sectionz]
43.Funtcase – Voodew [Circus]
44.Flux Pavilion – Blow The Roof [Circus]
45.Major Lazer – Watch Out For This (Bumaye) [Mad Decent]
46.Flux Pavilion Feat. Sway & P Money – Double Edge
47.Mizuki – Block Party [Circus]
48.Doctor P – Flying Spaghetti Monster [Circus]
49.Felix Cartel & Autoerotique – The Alarm [Dim Mak]
50.Flux Pavilion – I Feel It [Circus]
51.Skream – Sticky [Ammunition]
52.Major Lazer & Flux Pavilion – Jah No Partial (Jack Beats Remix)
53.Major Lazer & Flux Pavilion – Jah No Partial [Dowtown]
54.Major Lazer & Flux Pavilion – Jah No Partial (Nonsens Remix) [Dub]
55.Funtcase – Stomptown [Circus]
56.Funtcase & Cookie Monsta – Atom Bomb [Circus]
57.Skream – Scrooge’s Revenge [Ammunition]
58.Cookie Monsta – Cave Of Gold [Circus]
59.Roksonix – 2 Bad (VIP) [Circus]
60.Flux Pavilion & Skism Feat. Foreign Beggars – Jump Back [Circus]
61.Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks [Fly Eye]
62.Skism – Killer [Never Say Die]
63.Three Loco – Neato [Mad Decent]
64.Funtcase – Predator [Circus]
65.Candyland – Bring The Rain (Brown And Gammon Remix) [Spinnin]
66.Tc – Get Down Low [Don't Play]
67.Posij – Empty Lungs [Division]
68.Tnght – Higher Ground [Warp]
69.Antiserum & Mayhem – Trippy [Firepower]
70.DJ Snake – Together [Mad Decent]
71.Flux Pavilion – The Scientist [Circus]
72.Roksonix – Dogfight [Circus]
73.Flux Pavilion – I Still Can’t Stop [Circus]

By Steph Perez

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