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Wavy New Track "I Will Never Change" from Dubstep Pioneer Benga

Benga really surprised me with this new release, departing from his usual bass-heavy style in favor of a higher-pitched, wavier drum & bass sound. The result is a mellow track that is both chill and danceable. 

By Tyler McGann


Fresh Crazy Track "Dirty Sexy" off of Rusko's New Album 

This awesome new track is fresh off the press from Rusko's newest album Songs, released March 26. This is one of my main jams right now. The vocals work nicely, and the track is still dirty while being a little more palatable to someone just getting into the dubstep genre. All together Rusko impresses with this hot new track by showing his talent at blending pop vocals with dirty bass. 

By Sara Landry


Gnarly New Dubstep EP Riot! by Cookie Monsta

Dubstep artist Cookie Monsta really surprised me with his new release, Riot EP. The EP features tracks "Riot" (featured below) as well as three others ("Level Up," "Time to Get Crunk," and "Hedrokka"). The single "Riot" is a nasty bass-blasting song. Cookie Monsta also demonstrates  his talents at producing drum & bass on other tracks on the album.

Download from Beatport


Track of the Day 4/13/2012: Right on Time - Skrillex (12th Planet and Kill the Noise)

This track off of Skrillex's newest release, Bangarang EP is a headbanging dubstep anthem. "Right on Time" builds as it goes, turning into a toxic beat that is meant to be BLASTED. This track in particular stood out to me from the rest of Skrillex's newest work as a filthy, glitchy song that is hard to resist shuffling to. 

By Samuel Friedfeld


Nasty Dubstep Remix of Chuckie's "What Happens in Vegas" by TYR

This kid isn't very well known, but he needs to be. This epic remix takes Chuckie's original and manages to make it nice and dirty without fucking it up. TYR's remix is by far the best remix I've heard of this track, enjoy.

By Sara Landry