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Bass Heavy Electro House Track "Fire Inside" - Gemini ft. Greta Svabo Bech

Featuring the amazing vocals of Greta Svabo Bech (known for her collaboration with Deadmau5 on the track "Raise Your Weapon"), this track by British Electro House producer Gemini is sure to be a hit. Gemini's mix is dirty, hard, and melodic, breaching the gap between Electro House, dubstep, and drum & bass.

By Edward Fancher


Review: Noisia and Big Chocolate @ Webster Hall (4/13)

A solid drum & bass set is not easy to come by, and is usually subjected to the realms of the underground dance world. I was surprised, then, to see the Dutch trio, represented by Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger, maintain the dark, grimy d&b at Webster Hall on Friday night. The two surprised me with their ability to maintain the dark, grimy d&b that we all love, while bridging the range of their sound with an electro-house vibe.

Despite initial issues with the sound system at Webster, Noisia delivered their genre-crossing bass music to their dancing fans. Their mixing of 'Tommy's Theme,' to 'Diplodocus,' to 'Friendly Intentions' (VIP version) conveyed a progression of their set, which came to a halt midway when they busted out their remix of Deadmau5 and SOFI's immensely popular "Raise Your Weapon."

By that time, Noisia had commanded the entire audience, getting them to sing and sway, before destroying them with their remix of Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.' Other notable tracks head-banging tracks included 'Stigma' and their own  Noisia's production was truly epic, and their sound was absolutely enormous. They are definitely a group to check out!

Accompanying act Big Chocolate took to the stage, rocking it with face-melting dub. The 21 year old showed his evident passion for the crowd, raging with them for the entirety of the set. The California producer and DJ has gained renown in the music industry in recent years for his hard-hitting remixes. Inspired by death metal, Big Chocolate was actually the co-founder of the band Disfigure the Goddess, and has toured the US with the likes of Dance Gavin Dance.

Twenty minutes into the set, Big Chocolate truly shocked us with a slow building remix of the 1999 classic 'Sandstorm' by Darude. Just when the audience had realized what was happening, he dropped the track back into pulsating dubstep, rallying the crowd's energy. Later he did the same with Bingo Players' 'Rattle,' which was also quite well received by the downtown crowd. 

By Laryssa Loza


Gnarly New Dubstep EP Riot! by Cookie Monsta

Dubstep artist Cookie Monsta really surprised me with his new release, Riot EP. The EP features tracks "Riot" (featured below) as well as three others ("Level Up," "Time to Get Crunk," and "Hedrokka"). The single "Riot" is a nasty bass-blasting song. Cookie Monsta also demonstrates  his talents at producing drum & bass on other tracks on the album.

Download from Beatport


Track of the Day 4/10/12 - History of the Future (Camo & Krooked)

The UKF Drum and Bass duo Camo & Krooked wowed me with their amazing rhythms at their unfortunately small stage at Ultra this year, and this is one track that is representative of that sound. 

Download on Beatport

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