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"Walk In The Fire" (Original Mix) - Dirtyphonics

Dirtyphonics live sets can best be described as pure energy. The four French music makers have little constraints in their sets that bridge Dubstep and Drum & Bass into something that is nothing more than an amped-up hybrid of the two. Their newest album Irreverence is due out on Dim Mak March 19th, and this is the first single to leak out. "Walk In The Fire" sets it off hard with metal leads and a hard drum-driven energy that will get your blood pumping. Watch out for more bass glory to come from these four this Spring!

Out now on iTunes!

By Edward Fancher


"Hurricane" (Album Mix) - Mat Zo ft. Eyes That Lie

I hope you all have taken the chance to listen to Mat Zo's Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 that aired last week. The reason Mat's music resonates to deep is because of his versatility. If you tuned in, I bet you were surprised to hear how much Drum & Bass was played by the producer who found his fame in the international Trance scene. Even in his Trance productions like "The Sky," there's a deep reverberation and groove in his music, but his magical middle ground is in tracks like this that defy words, instead painting vibrant memories for the listener. "Hurricane" is a vocal single set for full album release soon, which has been well-received mixed into his sets since Winter Music Conference last year. A groundshaking production with a lot of soul and an eery beat, this one will truly set you adrift. 

By Edward Fancher


"Days To Come" - Seven Lions (Au5 & I.Y.F.F.E. Remix)

OWSLA together with Beatport just finished crowning the winner of their remix contest for "Days To Come." Californian Jeff Montalvo, known as Seven Lions, picked the winner of this one himself, and I'm sure you'll agree with his choice after you hear this one. Au5 & I.Y.F.F.E. add a Drumstep beat to the smooth bass-driven original, turning it into a more stimulating track and one that'll keep your adrenaline pumping. Be sure to grab this one off of Beatport and support these up & coming artists!

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: "Breathe With Me" - At Dawn We Rage

Wow. Only a few days after releasing a very chill remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Swimming PoolsAt Dawn We Rage has gone in the exact opposite direction and released ‘Breath With Me’. This Drumstep banger is the exact opposite of chill, with a scorching opening synth piece backed up by a solid drum beat. The drop comes hard and fast (the only way to do for a Drumstep track), and the breakdown brings the entire track together. At Dawn We Rage has been on top of their game as of late, and each new track they release just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. 

Free Download

By Jack Ulrich

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Track of the Day: "Diffused" (Music Video) - The Upbeats

Today we have some dark liquid Drum and Bass from The Upbeats, a two man DnB and Dubstep group out of New Zealand. These guys have been getting quite popular in the drum and bass scene, and their exposure through the famed UKF dubstep/dnb channel has proved quite helpful. Their new single features some almost tribal-esque style vocal that are whispered in an ethereal manner throughout the song, setting the scene for a strong melody. Combined with the crisp drum section and the very dark bass behind it all, this song really starts to get addictive after a few listens, as it almost seems to take on a trance feel to it with interweaving rhythmic patterns. I really like this mysterious jungle and breaks take on the liquid style of drum and bass, as the Upbeat's previous releases have been much more abrasive. As a special treat, the video that accompanies this song is one of the coolest graphical creations I have seen in a long time... definitely some very trippy space stuff. 

By Andrew Cordivari

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