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"So Young So High" (Dillon Francis Remix) - Dada Life

After so much tweeting and built-up anticipation about his new remix, Dillon Francis dropped his take on Dada Life's "So Young So High" a little bit back, and it did not disappoint. Francis takes the Swedish duo's House anthem and gives it a banging Trap twist. It is impossible to sit still while the bass builds and the catchy lyrics you already know and love are cut throughout the song. The melody is slowed down but is in no way weakened, just made a little dirtier. This song is a fresh take on trap; an intricate blend of the House excitement and positivity, with that addictive snare beat throughout. DF's remix is a really exciting take on "So Young So High", changing it up while still keeping the elements of the original that make it an anthem to youth, partying, just living. Expect to hear this song a lot during the upcoming festival season - we definitely won't be complaining when this one drops!

Out now on Beatport!

By Carol Oliveira

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Free Download: Moombahton Forever Mix - Tittsworth & Ayres

I'm just going to come right out and say it: Moombahton Forever is the best thing since, well, ever. What's better than having 17 of the sexiest, sweatiest Moombahton tracks you will ever hear on the same album? The only thing I can think of would be if the album was free. Well, luckily for us, that is exactly the case. T&A Records has released Moombahton Forever as a free download. Featuring tracks from topnotch producers like Munchi, Craze, GTA, Tittsworth, Valentino Khan, Bro Safari (my personal favorite), and the Godfather himself Dave Nada (as part of Nadstrom with Matt Nordstrom), Moombahton Forever is everything that makes Moombahton as exciting and wonderful as it is. From massive, booty-shaking tracks ("Alerta" – GTA), to glitchy Moombahcore ("Deth" – LeDoom), and even some super-chill Moombahton ("Sueños" – Ayres), Moombahton Forever is a testament to just how far this amazing genre has come since its creation a few years ago. Check out the full tracklist below for the full spread, and be sure to grab that sweet free DL.


GTA – Alerta
Munchi – La Brasilena Ta Montao ft. Angel Doze
Kingman Fire – Miami Whine It Up
Sazon Booya & Aglory – La Jungla
Nadastrom x Gent & Jawns– Snake Juice
Torro Torro – Gotta Know
Ledoom – Deth
Dillon Francis – Beautician 2.0
Nick Thayer & DJ Yoda – Da Wheel Klamp
Heartbreal & Rell The Sound Bender – Killa
Jay Fay – Dibby Dibby
Craze – How Yall Feel!
Valentino Kahn & ETC!ETC! – Eat It
Bro Safari & UFO! – Savage Beauty
Tittsworth – Club 221
DJ Ayres – SUEÑO
Sabo & Teenwold – Vibracion

Free Download

By Jack Ulrich

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Track of the Day: "Someone To Die For" - Dillon Francis & Example

Dillon Francis & Example collaborate on a track that is breathtakingly different from Francis' previous mixes. Example soaks this track in emotion and longing; it's a major change-up from the usual party vibe that Dillon Francis is known for. The song is a more laid-back, slow jam with some low bass hits and mesmerizing synths. The hip-hop lyrics are haunting, pretty dark and ultimately unforgettable. I can see this track generating some smash remixes, but in the meantime, enjoy this single while unwinding from a rave filled weekend. Dillon Francis proves that he can handle a moody, dark track with grace, but I just hope continues to release bangers and doesn't start giving a FOS anytime soon!

By Sierra Rose

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Track of the Day: "Like Home" - Nicky Romero (Dillon Francis Remix)

Played for the first time this weekend on his radio show, Nicky Romero debuted an eagerly awaited new Dillon Francis remix to his track ft. NERVO “Like Home”. Right after, Romero spoke on the track: “It’s pretty cool because it’s so much different than all the other remixes and also all dance music in general… I’m super excited to release this one in a few weeks." So is it Moombahton, or is it Moombahcore? What ever it is, it’s funky, fresh, and perfected by none other than Dillon Francis. He can not and will not disappoint, so don't miss him on his Wet and Reckless Tour now and enjoy the radio rip until the official release is available!

By Steph Perez

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"Here 2 China" - Calvin Harris & Dillon Francis

As EDM Lounge’s resident Asian correspondent Trisha Takanawa, it is only fitting that I bring you this track today, "Here 2 China" by Calvin Harris and Moombahton master Dillon Francis, featuring rapper Dizzee Rascal. This electro-rap piece off Harris' 18 Months is an unexpected collab between the two producers, but we are always welcoming to DJs branching out from their signature sound, especially if they execute it this successfully. For all of you rap fans, English-born Dizzee Rascal kills it in his verses, bringing the track of the two EDM masters to fruition. Whether you’re a die-hard Hip-hop fan or a dedicated Electro Hard, this track will have no problem getting you to dance ninja style!


Out now on iTunes!

By Anne Chang

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