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Review: Pretty Lights at EDC Vegas

After just returning from 2012's crazy, hectic, and memorable EDC weekend, I really have only one set that I can't get out of my head. And that's Pretty Lights. On Sunday evening, I was finally lucky enough to experience the delight of Pretty Lights live, and the genius producer Derek Smith did not disappoint in the least bit.

Opening the night with "Hot Like Sauce" only seemed appropriate for the first time he has ever graced the Kinetic Field mainstage at Electric Daisy Carnival. Instantly, the emotion in the air changed, creating a new atmosphere within the crowd. I had long been a fan of his groovy Electro Hip-Hop Soul music, but experiencing his hybrid music live was a completely different experience.

Seamlessly interweaving each track into the next, Smith made sure the crowd responded with nothing but good, positive vibes. It is a rare occasion when I lose my sense of time during a set, and PL made sure that happened. On a stage that is primarily dominated by House DJs who churn out Top 40 tracks, Smith's set was a beautiful and much-needed change. Everyone who was blessed enough to witness his set that night only had positive things to tell me. 

Changing his BPMs far more than any other DJ I have witnessed, PL truly showed his mixing skills while creating an entertaining and uplifting environment. I couldn't help but to make noise and cheer to his soulful Glitch-Hop sounds, or raise my fists in the air every time he instructed me to. Experiencing his set was certainly the highlight of my EDC and I feel sorry for anyone who missed it.

Thankfully though, Pretty Lights is a firm believer in sharing the music, sharing the love and the experience. All of Pretty Light's music is available for download on his website. The musical vision that Derek Smith has for Pretty Lights is the same sort of vision I feel every Electronic Dance Music artist should have. The fact that he is a supporter of sharing his creations to all who care to listen is quite an empowering thing, and I hope more artists in the future follow his lead. Because he is a supporter of free media, his music gets an overwhelming amount of support, and as a fan I feel like I can gain much more respect. It obviously has not hindered his success - how else would he be getting the chance to play at one of the largest music festivals in the world?

Pretty Lights is leading quite the musical revolution. With his versatile style, overwhelming amount of talent, and a backing of supportive and friendly fans, there is no doubt in my mind that Derek Smith is going nowhere but up. After this weekend I'm counting the days until I have a chance to experience the incredible live performance I witnessed again. And after listening to his set I'm sure you all will too!




(Pending full tracklist - Update coming soon!)

Free Music Downloads Available on the Pretty Lights Homepage!

And don't miss these amazing photos of Pretty Lights' performance at Ultra Music Festival this year!

By April Surrency


Review: Pretty Lights at Ultra Music Festival

I made my way over to the Live Stage insearch of glitch-hop star Derek Smith, or Pretty Lights as he is popularly known. The Colorado-based artist has reached a new height of popularity this year after his track "Finally Moving" (a track he didn't play at this set) was sampled by Avicii in his hit house anthem, Levels. Smith opened the set and got the crowd going with the insanely dirty "Hot Like Sauce."

The setup at the live stage was far from ideal; Pretty Lights really should have played main stage, as the Live Stage was mostly seating only, leaving it very crowded in the standing area. Nevertheless, the entire Live Stage arena lost control when Smith unleashed his sensual, bass-heavy beats on the Miami crowd. Smith owned the audience, impressing me with a great set filled with many songs I hadn't heard before.

Smith really killed it in the visuals department (that is why he's called "Pretty Lights"), incorporating fast-paced visual sequences and laser shows that outdid any visuals I saw at the main stage all weekend. Smith closed out his hour set with his powerful "I Know the Truth," the song that has become a YouTube sensation for its crazy bass drops and soulful lyrics after its popularity at Bonnaroo 2011.

The crowd went crazy when Smith grabbed the mic telling the Live Stage "I know you know what's up because you're over here, and not over there," referring to the main stage, which by that time was packed with fans of the massively popular progressive-house king Tiesto (someone I could skip seeing). "Make some fucking noise!!!" he continued as the track started to play, "I'm too blind, to see the light" echoing through the amphitheater.   

Live Set:



Review by Edward Fancher