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"Crowd Control" - Excision & Downlink (Delta Heavy Remix)

Whoa! This track makes you feel like you’re on a bass roller coaster! At first you're left hanging, until finally you're dropped over the edge to plunge through the rest of this filthy remix. Downlink and Excision are notorious getting things dirty, but with Delta Heavy thrown in, just as the song states, it "don't fuck around."  I know for a fact when they drop this one live, the crowd will be out of control! Brace yourselves for the bass!

By Jessica Radtke


"When the Rain Is Gone" - Adam F and Corey Enemy VIP Mix

You may have heard the absolutely awesome original version featured as the Track of the Day, or maybe you've heard Subscape's equally impressive remix, but the re-edit of "When the Rain is Gone" by Adam F and Corey Enemy takes it to a whole new level. F and Corey change it up and make the drop nice, dark, and heavy, and I am absolutely enamored. Definitely on my pregame playlist.  This is a true rager and definitely deserves a listen.  If you want to check out different interpretations of the song, check out the Drum & Bass remix by Delta Heavy and definitely the House remix by Siege, which kills. All remixes are worth a listen - this track goes hard!

By Sara Landry
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