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Sick New Track "Fn Pig" From Deadmau5

If you're a huge deadmau5 fan like I am, then you occasionally watch his live streams, during which he works on songs, tweets, and interacts with fans in general (it's awesome). He posted this on Soundcloud recently, and I have to say, it's fucking epic, but then again, everything he puts out is. This track is awesome, and has a nice Electro House drop, as well as some beautifully melodic buildup and a great beat. Definitely worth a listen, and be sure to catch him when he live streams as well--it's pretty cool. Can't wait for the next album, should be just as awesome as his last classic 4x4=12.

By Sara Landry

Surprising Hip-Hop Beats from Deadmau5 - Failbait ft. Cypress Hill

Featuring new sounds and Hip-Hop legends Cypress Hill, Deadmau5 really surprised me with this new track Failbait. Deadmau5 may be working on a new sound, or he may just be experimenting with new techniques as he always does (is he house? dubstep?).

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