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Leaked Deadmau5 Track "Professional Griefers" ft. Gerard Way

This is an unreleased track from deadmau5 that has been floating around the interwebz for some time now. It is frequently used in live sets though it has not been officially released (this is not uncommon for Joel). This track goes pretty hard, and is one of my favorites, though a high quality version of the track hasn't yet been released. It is nice and Electro Housey, which is sick, and makes for some epic raging. I've seen this played live, and this track always works incredibly well with whatever else he is playing in the set (no shit, he's awesome at that kinda stuff). If you haven't heard it, have a listen. Even his unreleased shit is epic. If you like this, or even if you don't, hit me up on Twitter and tell me some of your thoughts. Enjoy! Also, look out for an editorial piece I've written on him that we will be posting soon!

By Sara Landry

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Deadmau5 Releases "The Veldt" Video

happy life with the machines
scattered around the room
look what they made 
they made it for me
happy technology 
outside the lions run
feeding on remains 
we'll never leave
look at us now
so in love with the way we are

The last music video Deadmau5 released was for his claim to fame "Ghosts N' Stuff," but now he's back with an animated video for his newest single off the EP of the same name "The Veldt." The title track takes its name from a story by the late Ray Bradbury, which inspires its futuristic theme. The four-track EP has a lot of surprises, including remixes by talent Tommy Trash and Freeform Five, and a bonus track "Failbait," a sick and unexpected collaboration with Cypress Hill. As one of my favorite artists in EDM today, there's a lot more that needs to be said about the mau5 right now, especially after his (always hilarious) internet feuds, and his appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. But for now just enjoy the video we'll be back with more later!

The Veldt EP out now on iTunes!

By Edward Fancher


Throwback! "Brazil" (2nd Edit) - Deadmau5

This is one of the first Deadmau5 tracks that really caught my attention, and I've probably listened to it hundreds of times over the past years or so. "Brazil" features Deadmau5's trademark progressions and melodies and is truly a unique and uplifting track that is characteristic of Random Album Title. We are really excited by his most recent release "The Veldt," and we can't wait until his full next album is out. Plus, we have the feeling he'll be part of the Phase 2 Electric Daisy Carnival lineup...  

By Edward Fancher


Tomcraft - "Get It Played"

I am really digging the latest release from Tomcraft "Get It Played"! This Daft-Punk-y progressive house track is one of the German producer's grooviest cuts in some time, kicking off with rubbery kick drums and a catchy percussion. The intro sounds like something you'd expect from Deadmau5. Now available on Beatport, "Get It Played" was released yesterday, 5/7 on his own label, Craft Music.

Out Now on Beatport

By Laryssa Loza


Track of the Day: "Lyme" - Moguai (Moguai's Crushed Lyme Mix)

Mau5trap's German house master Moguai returns to the scene with a bang with this hot new single "Lyme." With its endless synth and progressive sounds, Moguai's Crushed Lyme Mix is both impressive and uplifting. With its insane buildups, Moguai impresses with this new single. Expect more from this amazing artist, and if you haven't already heard his critically acclaimed track "Mpire," make sure to check it out too.
By Edward Fancher