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"Happy Violence" (Urbanstep Remix) - Dada Life

Melodic dubstep is really taking off as an offshoot of its darker, more metallic origins, with artists like Urbanstep really nailing the balance between hulky bass showers and calming melodic streams of slow glitch. Dada Life commissioned the internet to remix the tracks that carried them on a whirlwind world tour last year with this being one of the best I heard. Voting is still open so be sure to send the artist some love!

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Boing Clash Boom" (Major Lazer Remix) - Dada Life

I always anticipate Dada Life's DJ Mix and May 2013's broadcast left my mouth watering. Olle & Stefan featured some banging remixes in their first for this warm weather and one in particular stood out: Major Lazer's remix of their own hit "Boing Clash Boom." Trap and the two Swedes are not a combination you'd usually expect, but one must not forget there are no rules to Dada. With Diplo's signature sound juxtaposed with some powerful bass and snippets of D&B there's something to appreciate in here for everybody. We'll update you when the extended mix drops soon!

May 2013 Mix - Dada Life

By Sierra Rose


"Lost In My Mind" (Dada Life Remix) - Bingo Players

Those of you that tuned into Hysteria Radio Show the other night while Bingo Players was hosting were leaked an awesome remix by Dada Life. Don't worry guys, I found a ripped version. Dada Life brings "Out Of My Mind" to life with gigantic House and party vibes that will have you wanting to strip by the end. Even though the track breaks twice, the energy never dies down. What else could we have expected from these two?

By Sierra Rose


"So Young So High" - Dada Life Philharmonic Orchestra Version

I know this isn't your ordinary EDM tune, but it's from Dada Life and is sure to make you go BANANAS! The Swedish duo puts a classical spin on their happy dance track "So Young So High" and it works just perfectly. You've got everything an orchestra requires -- violins, violas, cellos, basses, and of course, helium filled balloons to hit those high notes in the chorus! If anyone went to their New Year's Eve show in Brooklyn, they opened with an orchestrated clip of "Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker," and had posted earlier on instagram a picture of classical instruments in their studio. Maybe we will see more of this beautiful twist on modern electronic music in sets to come. Editor's Note: This is fucking awesome.

By Daniel Madden


"So Young So High" (Dillon Francis Remix) - Dada Life

After so much tweeting and built-up anticipation about his new remix, Dillon Francis dropped his take on Dada Life's "So Young So High" a little bit back, and it did not disappoint. Francis takes the Swedish duo's House anthem and gives it a banging Trap twist. It is impossible to sit still while the bass builds and the catchy lyrics you already know and love are cut throughout the song. The melody is slowed down but is in no way weakened, just made a little dirtier. This song is a fresh take on trap; an intricate blend of the House excitement and positivity, with that addictive snare beat throughout. DF's remix is a really exciting take on "So Young So High", changing it up while still keeping the elements of the original that make it an anthem to youth, partying, just living. Expect to hear this song a lot during the upcoming festival season - we definitely won't be complaining when this one drops!

Out now on Beatport!

By Carol Oliveira

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