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"Starlight" (Collin McLoughlin Remix) - Don Diablo & Matt Nash

With endless possibilities for remixing, melodic dubstep is being explored more than ever these days and some real diamonds are turning out from the rough. NYC's own Collin McLoughlin just caught his big break with this purge of a remix for Don Diablo and Matt Nash which deals a blow of catharsis via a blitz of hyper-sensual bass. Grab the free download now and watch out for more to come from this gifted producer!

By Edward Fancher


"Happy Violence" (Urbanstep Remix) - Dada Life

Melodic dubstep is really taking off as an offshoot of its darker, more metallic origins, with artists like Urbanstep really nailing the balance between hulky bass showers and calming melodic streams of slow glitch. Dada Life commissioned the internet to remix the tracks that carried them on a whirlwind world tour last year with this being one of the best I heard. Voting is still open so be sure to send the artist some love!

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Lights" (5vel Remix) - Myon & Shane 54 ft. Aruna

We've spotted 5vel on the internet uploading remixes for over a year, but three days ago marked his first release in the form of an official remix for Myon & Shane 54. Aruna's vocals on "Lights" have made it one of the most sought-after songs to remix this season, with everyone from 7 Skies to Juventa stepping up to the plate to add in a club-ready 130+ Trance bassline. Tonight 5vel is here to change our prior conceptions of where the sound should carry us with a chilled-out bass remix that makes the song perfect for any 4 AM set. The Orlando producer has quite the knack for knocking down the original frame of Progressive tracks and turning them into downtempo ambient tunes with an unexpectedly powerful kick, so be sure to check out the rest of his selections on his SoundCloud. See you tonight at Webster Hall for Brite Nites with MS54!

Pull me in, take me over
Wind me up and pull me closer
Let me lose control tonight with you
Cuz my heart's on fire, my head is spinning
Round and round, I can't stop thinking
Of everything I'm dying to let you do

I wanna be born again
Wanna break you in tonight
I wanna play to win
I can't hold it in tonight
So come on let's cross to the other side
Hold on tight, just close your eyes and listen
And listen
And listen

The lights are all aglow
And all the world is waiting
So tell me can I sing to you tonight
I wanna sing to you tonight
Just let it all unload
Cuz life's so complicated
Tell me can I sing to you tonight
I wanna sing to you tonight...

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


Free Download: "Horizon" - Singularity ft. Nilu

I've been pleasantly surprised by how many more people, myself included, have discovered and fallen in love with Singularity within the past couple of months. To me, melodic Dubstep is one of the most pleasurable subgenres in electronic music - it has the bass that makes it bounce, but the switch from fast to slow pace, constant dips into lighter sounds, and emotional lyrics make it simply addictive. "Horizon" featuring Nilu, is velvety and smooth, give it one listen and it'll make sense as to why this track is labeled lovestep. Make this Thursday a peaceful one by letting the mellow, blissful, and beautiful notes of "Horizon" swirl into your ears.

By Carol Oliveira


Free Download: "Stardust Redux" - Minnesota

My boy Minnesota has just dropped his Equinox EP featuring two songs that are absolutely perfect for the upcoming festival summer drives across the country. "Stardust Redux" is as it would seem, full of space adventure mixed with acoustics sending you high without leaving Earth. The build ups are beautiful and galactic sounds continue all throughout the song, making it seem like you're about to find yourself landing on the most beautiful exotic planet in existence. Sit back and enjoy your trip through space!

Equinox EP - Free Download!

By Elyse Rousseau