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Track of the Day: "Network" - Dream Mclean (Chase & Status Remix)

This Track of the Day is an absolute banger! Recently released from Dream Mclean, Chase & Status' Trap remix is gnarly as hell, and I'm loving it. I've been on a trap kick of late because I've been needing some bass, and this is one of those tracks that definitely provides just that in ample quantities. After having the DJ Carnage "Spaceman" Trap Mix on repeat for the past few days, I've had a thirst for grime that I can't seem to shake. But thankfully "Network" oversatisfies that craving. This is an epic return to the spotlight for Chase & Status, who have been MIA of late. Let me then be the first to say "welcome back" and "thank you, now go make more tracks like this." Grab the free download, and if you hear anyone's subs going hard, it's me. And no, I'm not turning it down.

By Sara Landry

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Trance Tuesday: ft. Mike Danis, Maor Levi, and Bluestone

"Hurricane" - Mike Danis

Some die-hard trance fans will probably point to this track when they describe how trance should sound. With a driving, trickling piano melody that tugs on heartstrings, Mike Danis reminds us what makes trance so beautiful. Seamlessly tying the melody into the build; he makes for an energetic climax that instantly fills the crowd with energy. After hearing this played at live shows; International Departures and TATW, its no mistake that this track is not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

"Blind Faith" - Chase & Status (Maor Levi & Bluestone Mix)

Now for something a bit unconventional. For the past year or so, trance producers have been toying with combining an unlikely duo of genres together: Trance and Dubstep. Many have tried, few have become dance floor hits. Maor Levi, known for his untraditional multi-genre production style, tried his hand at remixing a Chase & Status song. At first, even I was hesitant, but he really pulled this one off. Using the vocals and the drop to his advantage, Maor Levi pulls of a climactic and interesting mix. It is truly worth a listen, if you are an
open-minded trance head!

By April Surrency


"Falling Down" - Sub Focus (VIP mix)

Sup party people? I hope you all had an awesome time at EDCNY, and to celebrate what was a fabulous weekend for us here at EDMLounge, I have a brand new VIP track from Sub Focus -- and boy, this one's a fucking rager. I've always been a huge fan of Sub Focus, partially because he is incredibly talented, and partially because he goes hard and absolutely melts face at his live sets. This particular track has great vocals as well as a nice and bass-filled heavy drop, which I always appreciate. He is absolutely crazy, so if you haven't heard any of his other dubstep (though he does primarily D&B) stuff, check out his remix of Rusko's "Hold On" and his collaboration with the incredible duo Chase & Status on "Flashing Lights" which is a total banger. Enjoy!

By Sara Landry

Follow me on Twitter: @SaraLange922