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Man Stabbed at DJ Carnage Show in El Paso

After noticing some tweets regarding a stabbing at a Foam Party headlined by Carnage at Buchanan's Event Center in El Paso last night in my timeline, I went off to do some more research and see what I could uncover. As of now it remains unclear whether the incident occurred in or outside the club, but three anonymous users online have directly confirmed the incident with me as well as two bloody images put out by the victim himself which have now been taken down as of this update (6 PM). Luckily the man as of this morning is OK. After reporting on various incidents and being present at shows where fatal beatings have occurred, I know it is time to reconsider security at events as it is becoming more and more clear that in some cases the promoters' turning a blind eye to drugs completely undermines security. Whether we need to have airport style, shoes-off checks or even tighter forms of security is not something that I can decide, but something must be done because our nightlife circuit is far from innocent.

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "That Lean" - Borgore ft. Carnage

In anticipation of his new EP set for release at the end of May, Borgore just uploaded two hours ago the first single "That Lean" featuring one of his bros (and legendary Chipotle gangster) Carnage. This is the first we've heard of Carnage's rapping skills, which kick Borgores' royally in the ass, although they're not quite as funny. You'll be wanting to bathe in holy water by the time these two dish out heavy-hitting bass with a raw festival-sized sound ready to shake the circuit of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway!

By Natalia Toussaint


Track of the Day: "Incredible" (heRobust Remix) - Borgore & Carnage

The already brilliantly single, "Incredible," released last month by President Borgore and Carnage, has just gotten better. Where the original lacked in drops, heRobust has made up for them big time. Adding a hip hop backtrack filled with snares and drum beats only made the banging track more in your face. Don't worry, the Trap elements remain the backbone of the track, but trust me, you'll drop it REAL low when you feel the build up and then get that release from the drop. If you like hip hop, dubstep, or trap, which I hope is everyone I know, you'll love this tune. 

By Elyse Rousseau


"Incredible" (Original Mix) - Borgore & Carnage

Released just this week is a track comparable to mana from heaven - Borgore and Carnage kicked major Trap booty on this wild ride. The build on this track leads one into a trance-like euphoria yearning for more then your hit with a drop causing a full-body bass shake that makes you just want to bounce, stomp, rage, and repeat over and over again. These two have set the bar high and there is no better name for this collab other than "Incredible" because that's just what it is. Borgore's been mustering up some great tracks to wow the fans but be on the look out also for the Chipotle-loving DJ Carnage who has climbed the ranks from unknown to UMF performer in just a few months! The guy has Trap star written all over him and it seems like he has a lot up his sleeve for us to come this Spring. Catch this one on Spinnin' April 2nd.

By Kodie-Ann Walcott


"Cannonball" - Showtek & Justin Prime (Carnage & Niglio Trap Remix)

The Showtek brothers along with Justin Prime brought us one of the best drops of the year in the form of "Cannonball." Now it's time for Carnage to up the ante and show us what he got when the motherfucking beat drops. Along with Victor Niglio, the Cali Trap producer who has been tantalizing our ears with snare-filled Trap gold since spring is back with a gnarly free download. Press play on this one and get ready for some grimy beats that will cannonball you into oblivion, if you're not there already. And be sure to watch out for our interview with Showtek early next week!

By Edward Fancher

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