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This Thursday at Camp Bisco 12: Squarepusher

In a more than a few senses, spectacular is a the only word to describe what went down at Squarepusher's sensory feast at Detroit's Movement festival. From the video screen Jenkinson wears on his head, to the perplexingly intricate exposition of choreographed lighting that makes up the visual spectacle, to the boisterous, intricately and densely layered electric bass that provides the aural thrills, it was a performance in the truest sense of the word. It was almost as if we were meant to stand and bask in the sheer brilliance of the production, rather than become involved in it ourselves. The set turned many in the Underground Stage into squirmers rather than dancers.

But to me, blasting Squarepusher's older stuff and seeing him live, I've always felt the opposite. No matter the cleverness of his cacophonous music, it's never failed to make me move uncontrollably. While Jenkinson has no doubt moved on from the days where he prevailed amongst the headiest acid Techno acts (if you want to call it that) on the planet, he still always manages to bring back that old style and strikingly elevate the endorphin levels in the room. In the end, gigs don't get much better than this. If you have a thing for crazy loud sound, this is one act you don't want to miss this Thursday at the 12th annual Camp Bisco festival. Squarepusher will be closing the night at the Label Tent - we'll see you there!

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By Edward Fancher


Camp Bisco Ups the Experience With Various Workshops

The East Coast's premiere camping festival is taking the event up a notch this year with free offerings to suit any festivalgoers needs. Three days of camping in the outdoors can be draining on the body, so the festival will be offering free yoga sessions Saturday and Sunday to help align your body's focus. If you're more into meditation there will be a "Sonic Portation" set up, basically "a self contained performance structure that participants lounge inside of while our performers play around them in 360 degrees." This "vortex of all encompassing sound" will offer 30 minutes of sonic-healing that's sure to be nice in the morning after hours next to the subwoofers. 

Our friends from EmazingLights will be offering gloving instruction so you can take your performance up a notch even if you consider yourself a seasoned veteran of those intricate motions required to properly destroy someone's face. Other activities include "Color Wars," a huge battle of vibrantly colored paints, T-shirt redesign for all the ladies, and the Game Center (who's down for some Lawn Pong?). With the lineup this year at its best yet, and tickets at an affordable $185, this year's 3-day event is set to be one of the East Coast's biggest parties of the summer. Click here to check out more information on activities available at this year's Bisco, and see you Upstate!

By Edward Fancher


Camp Bisco Confirmed To Return To Mariaville, NY July 11 - 13

This is a good day. I had a feeling all those rumors that CounterPoint would be taking over Bisco were false, and we're all in luck - the Empire State is getting two massive camping festivals! The world famous Camp Bisco festival hosted by the Disco Biscuits is set to return in full force this summer to the rural town of Mariaville, NY just outside Albany, and we are so excited. Especially me because this means birthday rave! MCP Presents has a lot of goodies up their sleeves for this coming festival season, so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for what's coming next. All I can say now is see you at Lookout Country Club in July, and be sure to grab those early bird tickets when they go on sale February 2nd at 10 EST

By Edward Fancher


The Camp Bisco Experience (2012 Recap)

There's a lot of things that need to be said about Camp Bisco XI, from the lineup, to the people, to the visual aesthetic of every set. Although many words come to mind when thinking about two weekends ago, I find it extremely hard to convey the experience in words. It was just one of those weekends, one of those places, that you truly have to have experienced to fully understand.

From the moment we arrived at the campgrounds and set up our tents, the sparks were flying. Every boy and girl was in tune to the world that is Bisco. There was no denying that we had stepped into a realm that is on an entirely different plane of existence, a place where time stands still and where one day feels like a second, at the same time. Bisco is more than just a music festival, it's a complete getaway.

Day One (7/12)

With Day One having an absolutely stacked line up, I managed to catch quite a few artists. The few that REALLY stood out to me were Crystal Castles, Zeds Dead, Skrillex, Kill The Noise, and the tag-team set by Porter Robinson and Zedd (a pleasant surprise).

Zeds Dead at Camp Bisco Eleven

Crystal Castles had a Black out on all media and they only played a half hour of their set, so there is not really much to say aside from that was an amazing half hour. Lounge favorite Zeds Dead put on an absolutely chest-crushing set. In typical ZD fashion they dropped a plethora of bass crushing tunes including ones off their new EP The Living Dead and old ones - and of course the always epic closer "Eyes on Fire."

Skrillex Throwing Down

You can say all the negative things you want to say about Skrillex, but he delivered what I think to be one of the best sets of the weekend. The Grammy-winning dubstepper threw together a massive amount of crazy mashups and insane drops that would make even the heaviest boulder rumble.

Closing out Thursday night was Kill the Noise and Porter Robinson B2B with Zedd. Walking up to KtN was like walking through the hail of gunfire. The sea of people was a peaceful warzone of lasers and bass. Dropping his usual bangers and throwing in some extras for added measure, KtN's set was topped off by the appearance of the one and only Skrillex. KtN gave the crowd what they wanted the entire show: raw, filthy bass

An Amazing Tag Team Set by Porter Robinson and Zedd

To cap off an already impressive day one, Zedd and Porter Robinson decided to do a tag team set. Now this was one of the most high energy sets of the entire weekend. The two young champs literally threw out every banger you could in their energizing two hour set... Day two was more of a peaceful day at camp.

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Official EDM Lounge Camp Bisco Preview

With only a few more days until what is considered one of the most anticipated music festivals of the year, all I can think about is what I need to pack, when I’m leaving, and WHO I NEED TO SEE. With Electric Forest now behind us, and the start of the camping season in front of us, all that's left to do is prepare for what’s going to be an amazing weekend. Starting on July 12th and going until July 14th Bisco will be jam-packed with some of the best artists kicking around right now. From The Disco Biscuits to Skrillex, this line up has it all. 

The Bisco line up is stacked with a variance in genre, style, and even finesse. You’ve got your jammy bands coming out during the day, and you’ve got your dubsteppers and electro DJs coming out to play at night. One thing they all share in common though, is you will not be let down. From musical to visual performances, I’m sure you’ll all be happy campers


With his reign over the EDM world still not over, no big festival would be complete without Skrillex. A master of electronic productions, and well on his way to becoming a masterful DJ, Sonny has been setting the bar pretty high for everyone. With his recent knowledge in using CDJs rather than just his normal trigger finger, he is likely to show you a much better side of his talent. Along with an essence of insane bass, he is also sure to provide an outstanding visual performance as well.


Only a week ago, he destroyed the forest of Rothbury, MI. For an hour and a half there was nothing but pounding bass and tunes that just made the hair on your arms stand up on end. That’s right - Bassnectar will be at Bisco to show everyone how hard he can really bring it. Can he top his set at Electric Forest? I’m personally not sure. You’ll have to wait and see.

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