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Track of the Day: "Run Riot VIP" - Camo & Krooked

Yes!!! I love Camo & Krooked and have been waiting for so long so feature them on the site. I don't say this lightly, but these two absolutely blew my mind last year at Ultra. I've been a huge fan of this Austrian Drum & Bass duo for a while, so it's exciting to hear them release something with such energy! "Run Riot" (VIP) is a creepy wintry bass-attack of a track, with tinkering toy sounds that will have you shivering before propelling you off into thet roller coaster of adrenaline that they're known for producing. This one slaps so grab the free download!

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day 4/10/12 - History of the Future (Camo & Krooked)

The UKF Drum and Bass duo Camo & Krooked wowed me with their amazing rhythms at their unfortunately small stage at Ultra this year, and this is one track that is representative of that sound. 

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