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Free Download: "Down Low" - AleXander & Dr Ozi

A killer vocal sample over some of the tightest compresson of any bass track I've heard makes for an exhilarating ride. The Ontario based duo Dr. Ozi has been racking up fandom and testing the waters over the course of the past few years, opening for every act imaginable from Nero to Downlink. Now they're back with record force for their biggest production debut to date for Buygore alongside 19 year old AleXander. Grab the free download.

Free Download

By Edward Fancher


Superman EP - Mojo (Buygore Records)

Just released today is a full EP out of a producer from Buygore Records, Mojo. In case you're not familiar with the name, Mojo is a 21 year old DJ/Producer from the heart of the UK. After many years of being indecisive about his genre, he has finally moved onto creating dubstep for the last four years, and is now signed to Borgore's record company, Buygore Records. Superman EP definitely has a continuously thrilling vibe to it. You almost feel like superman! You can easily picture yourself soaring through the air fighting for justice with this powerful bass booming in the background as you save the day. Mojo is definitely growing into this genre with his distorted sounds, and powerfully motivating bass-packed tracks. You can be sure you'll hear more from Mojo in the near future, he's sure to make bounds in the EDM world. Sit back, turn up the bass, don’t forget to grab your cape, and enjoy!

Out now on Beatport!

Jessica Radtke


Hilarious D&B Music Video: "Spanish Lullaby" - Tomba

Israeli Dubstep/D&B producer Tomba impressed last week with the delivery of his killer EP Time To Slam on Borgore's Buygore Records. "Spanish Lullaby" is a perfect example of Tomba's Drum & Bass sound. The video features the heavy D&B track with hilarious Teletubbie parkour, don't miss this one.

Download on Beatport

By Edward Fancher