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"Don't Blame the Party" - Bingo Players (Firebeatz Remix)

Tim and Jurre of Firebeatz are setting fire to the beats of their "Don’t Blame The Party" remix and to the Beatport charts (Track currently residing in the top 10 of the Electro House chart)! This particular remix boasts the complexity of a typical Madeon track, while still preserving those differentiating Firebeatz qualities that spur their brand recognition among Dutch EDM-fans. 

These guys first stripped most of the vocals and resized the track back to the length of the Mode original mix, adding only repetitive vocals intermittently to bring the focus back solely to their production. After commencing the track with the combination of a subtle hint of white noise, a melodic baseline, and some groovy synths, these guys then used the Mode breakdown to intro into a build, something really unexpected that would keep all Bingo Players fans on their toes. A few bars of the Mode breakdown are repeated, as that meshes with a gritty synth to form the build. The resulting breakdown absolutely destroys, with alternating samples of a rock hard electro guitar melody, the Mode breakdown, and an extremely well executed harmony of the two with other additional patches!

Firebeatz’ production quality has improved tremendously, as they’ve supplemented their already catchy Funklectro bangers with an incredible vivacity and a sheer complexity. This newfound super quality has also been a recent trend among other producers like Julian Jordan and Tony Junior of the Spinnin' Records Young Gunz” crew. These four guys really have a promising future in the dance music industry. As they continue to hone their skills and broaden their horizons, they will certainly overshadow their Dutch predecessor - hopefully sooner rather than later!

Out now on Beatport!

By Kiren Srinivasan


Qulinez Impress Again with their Remix of "Don't Blame the Party" - Bingo Players

Qulinez is quickly becoming one of my favorite breakout artists of 2012. These Swedish newbies have released some ear-pleasing originals and remixes this year that have been simply outstanding. And their remix of Bingo Players' "Dont Blame the Party" is no different. The good: Heather Bright's beautiful vocals and melodic undertones transcend nicely from the original mix. The great: Qulinez's signature bass rides the chorus into crushing beat heaven! This is a great take on an already killer Bingo Players' original. For sure, I can't wait to hear this awesomeness live! By the way, are my ears playing tricks on me or does the intro to this banger speed up and slow down?

By Michael Arnold
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Filthy Bass Remix of "Jump" - LAZRtag (Candyland Remix)

This is a track that was just released on Monday. This is the latest remix from Candyland of "Jump" by LAZRtag. This track is an absolute BANGER!!! The wobble bass is godly, and the beats kick hard, which makes for an excellently filthy dubstep track. Candyland is an Electro-House/Dubstep duo that have produced some fucking epic tracks and remixes, such as their remix of Rattle by Bingo Players, which is an aboslutely banging Dubstep/Moombahton track. If you want to see more of their work or get to know them as artists, check out their Facebook page!   

Download on Beatport

By Sara Landry


Track of the Day 4/14/2012: "L'Amour" - Bingo Players

The Dutch House duo Bingo Players impressed me with their fresh, bumping new track "L'Amour". Released on February 20, this dope track has everything from bouncy grooves to rage-worthy drops. Check it out. 

Download on Beatport

By Tyler McGann

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