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Free Download: "Can I Get A..." (Big Gigantic Remix) - Jay Z

In true Big G fashion, a new amazing beat was released yesterday after the duo reached 100,000 fans on their Facebook page. Remixing "Can I Get A..." by hiphop superstar Jay Z with their sexy, jazzy, glitch style they're known for, this song just made my week and is one of the most brilliant summer songs the two have done to date. Full of "fuck you"s and wooping sounds, the song is perfect for dancing and getting the room all up and singing along. This song could only be heard live until now, but I assure you will definitely be hearing this one during festy season so get your free download now and get pumped for the best summer this earth has ever seen!

By Elyse Rousseau


This Saturday in NYC: Big Gigantic @ Terminal 5

Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, the electronic dance-funk House duo (is that a thing?) Big Gigantic are bringing their unique sound to stages across the US on their Winter Tour 2013.  I was fortunate enough to catch Big Gigantic in what I consider to be their prime setting this summer – outdoor music festivals, like Governors Ball and Electric Forest – but I’m excited to see what these boys will bring to the big city this Saturday.  Dominic (sax player/producer) and Jeremy (drums) are so exceptional because they're different than the rest, finding their passion in musical fusion.

Not that there's anything wrong with being a Trap producer, or a Trance DJ, but Big Gigantic cannot be pinned down so easily. Their music has some of the best aspects of contemporary music, including dance vocal samples, heavy bass, synths, and plenty of anticipation-inducing builds and dirty drops. However, the two really shine when they fuse live jazz saxophone and drums seamlessly into their tracks, resulting in not only a great recorded sound, but a truly unique live show. It goes without saying that these guys have major talent; their new album Nocturnal reached #2 on iTunes electronic charts this past January! If you are new to the two, one listen to their new album will have you hooked. I'm especially entranced by the track "Stronger," which not only has some smooooth sax, but a break down that you will NOT see coming! I highly recommend catching them on tour, and be sure to check out our past interview with them to hear from the creators themselves what their sound is all about. Come rave with me and my beautiful plur-babies at Terminal 5 NYC!

Tickets Still On Sale!

By Christina Cerza

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Free Download: "Power" - GRiZ & Big Gigantic

It looks like GRiZ and Big Gigantic have been a lot busier than we thought. In addition to spending the past few months on tour together, they've decided to collaborate on some new music as well. The result of this collaboration, "Power," is a textbook example on how to mash up different musical styles. GRiZ’s funky, Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul sound is the perfect compliment to Big Gigantic's dub wobble, and bringing the two together creates a track that is both laidback and heavy-hitting at the same time. As a native Detroiter myself, GRiZ holds a very special place in my heart. It's very nice to see him becoming bigger and bigger in the EDM scene, and it doesn’t get any bigger than working with Big Gigantic. ‘Power’ is a new direction for both of these artists, and hopefully there are more GRiZ and Big Gigantic collaborations to come. 

By Jack Ulrich

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Free Download: "Colorado Mountain High" - Big Gigantic

The CO-born sound that is Big Gigantic is showing some serious love for the new marijuana legalization that has hit their home state! "Colorado Mountain High" will get you lifted more than the Boulder campus on 4/20, and that's saying quite a lot. Dom & Jeremy always impress with their ability to compress Jazz, Glitch-Hop, and bass onto a single mix and this free download is just as potent as we'd expect from the Rocky Mountain tokers! We're keeping our fingers cross that fellow Coloradan Derek Smith (Pretty Lights) releases a dedicated track, he seemed to be pretty excited to hear the news too!

By Edward Fancher


EDM Lounge Interviews Big Gigantic

I met with Dominic and Jeremy, together who form the jazz-electronica duo Big Gigantic. After following them from Manhattan at Governors Ball NYC to Rothbury, MI at Electric Forest, I can safely say these guys are one of my new favorite acts. Their unique production style which involves the combination of Electronic production with live drums and saxophone makes for a signature sound that you'll just have to see live to really appreciate. Gigantic follow suit with fellow Colorado producer (and Lounge favorite) Pretty Lights, who's also all about spreading the love (through free downloads). Here's some questions I asked the Jam-band of EDM at Randall's Island. 

How do you feel about Hip-Hop influences?

We both are super into that style of music. Although our stuff isn't outright Hip-Hop, I think it's influenced pretty highly by a lot of that stuff. We're big Hip-Hop fans.

Are you guys working on collaborating with rappers?

Yeah, that's something we're definitely aspiring to do, getting MCs involved and stuff like that. Since we're releasing a lot of our music for free, you know, it makes it a little more difficult to get a more high-profile MC on a track. But, we do remixes - you know that "Get Em' High" remix, a lot of people are into that kinda sound. 

Personally, Jazz music or Electronic music? You can't say both. 

Oh no, I can. Good music is good music, and I believe in that 100%. I love some pop songs, classical songs, hip-hop songs, just as much as I love the other. Good songs are good songs, for sure. That's the real answer.

Unlike most of the others, you guys actually use real instruments in your sets. Do you think instument use will die off?

Instruments aren't going anywhere, they've been around for like thousands of years. Yeah, it's all just going to evolve. I think now the computer is going to be looked at more as an instrument, especially with what you can do with it, and you can attach synths like you said. I think it will be a way to arrange music and produce, but I hope instruments don't go away, that would be like one of the worst things that could ever happen! I'll make sure that doesn't happen. 

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