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Official EDM Lounge Camp Bisco Preview

With only a few more days until what is considered one of the most anticipated music festivals of the year, all I can think about is what I need to pack, when I’m leaving, and WHO I NEED TO SEE. With Electric Forest now behind us, and the start of the camping season in front of us, all that's left to do is prepare for what’s going to be an amazing weekend. Starting on July 12th and going until July 14th Bisco will be jam-packed with some of the best artists kicking around right now. From The Disco Biscuits to Skrillex, this line up has it all. 

The Bisco line up is stacked with a variance in genre, style, and even finesse. You’ve got your jammy bands coming out during the day, and you’ve got your dubsteppers and electro DJs coming out to play at night. One thing they all share in common though, is you will not be let down. From musical to visual performances, I’m sure you’ll all be happy campers


With his reign over the EDM world still not over, no big festival would be complete without Skrillex. A master of electronic productions, and well on his way to becoming a masterful DJ, Sonny has been setting the bar pretty high for everyone. With his recent knowledge in using CDJs rather than just his normal trigger finger, he is likely to show you a much better side of his talent. Along with an essence of insane bass, he is also sure to provide an outstanding visual performance as well.


Only a week ago, he destroyed the forest of Rothbury, MI. For an hour and a half there was nothing but pounding bass and tunes that just made the hair on your arms stand up on end. That’s right - Bassnectar will be at Bisco to show everyone how hard he can really bring it. Can he top his set at Electric Forest? I’m personally not sure. You’ll have to wait and see.

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Official EDM Lounge Electric Forest 2012 Preview

The Woodstock of EDM, or Electric Forest as you may know it, kicks off today in Rothbury, MI. We could not be more excited for four days and four nights of music, art, friends, lights, and camping under the Electric Sky! EF is all about wandering through the tripped-out forest late at night, dancing in the mud, and making new friends from around the country. For the 2012 edition, SoCal based Insomniac is back with a stacked lineup which includes some of the biggest names in bass, progressive, and Electro House. The EDM Lounge team will be roadtripping it from the Big City Friday night, and we'll be there the whole weekend taking photos, meeting new people, and spreading the love.

There are plenty of great acts to see at the festival, but here's a short highlight of who we're really making the drive for!

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Chillstep Playlist - Chapter Two

Hey guys, so since Summer is here and I'm relaxing in St. Barth's this week, I thought I would give you all another dose of the ambient chillstep that I'm really vibing with right now. Plus, you guys seemed to like the last post I did on this, and since I have so much amazing stuff that falls into this little subcategory of EDM, I figured I could share some more chill tracks. With that being said, here's a few tracks from my own personal Chillstep playlist!

"Nothing Has Been Broken" - Bassnectar

This is another track off the most recent Bassnectar album VaVa Voom (which is a pretty solid album). I love everything that Lorin does; if you recall the songs "Underwater" which I put on my last Chillstep list which is awesome, and "Empathy," a track that is definitely getting a lot of plays on my phone right now. His sound is very unique and consistent, and he is excellent at producing these amazingly multi-layered tracks (like the above three) that just blow my mind. Check it out. And see him live. Definitely see him live.

"Moonlight Sonata" - Beethoven (Solarfist Remix)

The original piece composed by Beethoven is one of my favorite classical pieces, so upon disovering this remix/re-interpretation, I fell absolutely in love. This remix is AMAZING. It combines piano and a classical song with a nice percussive beat, and the two really work well together. This is a great song for pretty much anything, and it's so cathartically beautiful that I almost can't deal. Have a listen; this track is one of my favorites. 

"Afterglow" - Phaeleh

This song is SO CHILL that I almost can't take it. Seriously. It just makes me want to get a deep tissue massage and then melt into bed for a 4 hour nap. But actually. This track is truly great. The vocals are amazing, all of the elements of the song seamlessly blend together, and this song is just truly a wonderful song to listen to, if only for the experience. So if ever you're feeling stressed, pop on those noise canceling headphones, turn this on, jack the volume, and fucking RELAX -- this song is perfect for it. 

"Enter the Machine" - PANTyRAiD

Though this track isn't particularly new, it's one of my favorites and is definitely a very solid, though mellow, dubstep track. The basslines on this track are absolutely mad, and the percussive and thumping beat really drives the song along in a very head-noddy, chill kind of way. PANTyRAiD is an impressive electronic duo formed by Ooah of Glitch Mob (see below) and MartyParty, and together they have come out with some pretty sweet tunes. Don't believe me? Have a listen. You won't be disappointed.

"Bad Wings" - The Glitch Mob

I'm a big fan of Glitch Mob. They produce great tracks that remain consistent but still have a variety within their own type of sound. Plus, they produce albums that can easily (and enjoyably) be listened to straight through, which is certainly a talent. If you haven't heard them, then check out this track "Bad Wings". This is one of my favorite songs by them, and is undeniably chill. It maintains a very mellow mood while still being forcefully percussive, ambient, and rather glitchy (obviously). This track is from their album Drink the Sea, an incredibly sick album overall that is definitely worth a listen. Enjoy!
By Sara Landry
Follow me on Twitter: @SaraLange922

Your Guide to Sunday at EDC NY

We are so exhausted from last night at EDC NY! Before we head out for part two of the madness today, here's where you'll find us tomorrow on the road to LAS VEGAS BABY!!! And check out our Twitter feed for live updates!!! (@EDMLounge)

Chuckie - 5:30 - 6:30 PM (kineticFIELD)

Chuckie is one of the few mainstream EDM artists I have yet to see, and I couldn't be more excited! Chuckie is the absolute king of Dirty Dutch House, always staying true to the ping-pongy sounds that others like Afrojack may have abandoned. His Electro House productions go super hard - you'll definitely find yourself bobbing your head and screaming "THIS IS ELECTRO DUDE!" when he drops his newest chart-topping hit of the same name. 

Borgore - 7:00 - 8:00 PM (cosmicMEADOW)

We could not be more excited to see Borgore bring down the house at Giants Stadium with his bass-heavy "gorestep" (hardcore-influenced) sound. Borgore is a true master of the dubstep genre, constantly experimenting with new sounds and mixing techniques. Even more impressive is his ability to hype up the crowd by rapping over his brilliant bass progressions. We can't wait until the sea of people tomorrow nod their heads to the sound of Borgore's filthy mixing!

R3hab - 8:00 - 9:30 PM (circuitGROUNDS)

Here at EDM Lounge, we love Dirty Dutch House. So then it's no surprise that you'll find us grooving to the sound of R3hab at circuitGROUNDS this Sunday. R3hab put on a stellar performance at this year's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, and he's sure to tear apart the Meadowlands tomorrow with his hard-hitting electro house beats. Recently reaching a new height of popularity with hit tracks like "The Bottle Song," R3hab is sure to make the EDC NY crowd go wild!

Bassnectar - 8:15 - 9:15 PM (kineticFIELD)

There is not much that needs to be said about Lorin, or Bassnectar as his fans know him. His trademark dubstep sound can be light at times, and absolutely filthy at others. Bassnectar knows how to hype up the crowd like no other, dancing on the stage while mixing and flipping his long hair back and forth. This guy goes hard! With his newest EP "Vava Voom" nothing short of spectacular, this bass genius is sure to make your Sunday at EDC NY. 

Afrojack - 9:30 - 11:00 PM (kineticFIELD)

Afrojack has become a celebrity both in and out of the dance music world, and if you haven't caught one of his sets yet, I'd say it's about time. To some of us more seasoned EDM festival-goers, Afrojack may be someone to skip, as he tours around the world like a madman. I've seen him many times before, and he impressed everytime. The great thing about Afrojack's sets is how crazily the crowd feeds off his energetic stage presence. "Are you fucking ready?!" is rarely not heard during an Afrojack set. But really, are you ready for Afrojack's Dirty Dutch beats

Nero - 10:00 - 11:00 PM (cosmicMEADOW)

The field at Giants Stadium is going to go wild when Nero closes EDC NY until next year! The British EDM act is known widely for their melodic dubstep remixes that are played all over the radio, and we hope that they have some vocalists make an appearance too! "Promises, and they still feel all so wasted on myself..."

By Edward Fancher



Chillstep: A Chiller Dubstep

Chillstep is one of my favorite subgenres of electronic music, and it is exactly how it sounds: chill, mellow dubstep. I know that some of you may be thinking "Chill dubstep? That's not a thing," but I assure you that (a) it most definitely is a thing, and (b) it's quite awesome. Chillstep in and of itself has all the elements that we've come to associate with more popular forms of dubstep: the wobbles, the drum, the tempo, etc. but it also has elements of 90's trip hop and a more ambient vibe. In general, it is a lot more melodic, very relaxing, and can even be quite beautiful. Because this specific type of dubstep composition is more melodically based, there aren't a ton of artists who produce dubstep of this variation, and those that do are not very well known, though they are all extremely talented.

Here's a sampling of some Chillstep tracks I'm particularly into right now:
"Let It Be" - Blackmill
One of my favorite songs right now; it's absolutely beautifully made while still having some substantial wobble.
"Underwater" - Bassnectar
One of my favorites of all time and the track that made me search for dubstep with a more relaxed feel; this track is so ethereal and unbelievably beautiful and relaxing while still being pretty filthy. It's perfect.
"Stop and Stare" - Fenech-Soler (Gemini Remix)
This is easily one of Gemini's best tracks and is a favorite of mine. I love everything about this track, and I love that it has all the characteristic elements that Gemini puts in his music while still being very relaxed. 
"Youth" - Foxes (Adventure Club Remix)
Adventure Club has a number of excellent remixes, but this is one of my favorites. Definitely worth a listen and is very well done.
"Lofticries" - Purity Ring
I'm not entirely sure this is purely dubstep, but I love the sensual sound of the song, and I fell in love the first time I heard it. 
By Sara Landry
Follow me on Twitter: @SaraLange922