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Review: Until Now - Swedish House Mafia

Since its conception in 2008, Swedish House Mafia has become a global EDM phenomenon.  Known for producing hit after hit, and putting on consistently epic performances, Ingrosso, Axwell, and Angello have become the faces of the mainstream Progressive House movement.  The disappointing announcement of SHM’s separation following One Last Tour has been slightly eased by today's release of Until Now, the concluding album from the trio of EDM giants. SHM has compiled their set essentials, making Until Now a 22-track house compilation for the ages. The records are intense, big room house, fitting the SHM mold perfectly. My only grievance with the album is the lack of new material. You'd expect a group with such an enormous fan base to go out with a louder bang – that would only add to the magic of One Last Tour. The "educated" house fan may know most of the tracks on the album, but you’ll surely enjoy the album nonetheless. Because there's no way to sum up the enormous year that has been 2012, without a bit of SHM.

1. "Greyhound" - Swedish House Mafia

"Greyhound" is the iconic SHM set-opener.  They’ve gotten hundreds of crowds in the palm of their hands with this track, and for good reason – it bumps.  No matter who drops it, the Mafia or others, the audience always turns to pandemonium.

2. "Here We Go" - Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes

For the project it is, “Here We Go” fits Until Now well.  The three Swedes have both supported and consistently dropped the record.  I just feel SHM missed a huge opportunity to go out with a bang – new material for One Last Tour would’ve been sick.

3. "In My Mind" - Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay (Axwell Remix)

In a festival setting, the synth melodies of Axwell’s In My Mind mix give you the chills.

4. "Calling" (Lose My Mind) - Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso ft. Ryan Tedder

Mentor and prodigy team up to produce a festival banger.  Simple as that.

5. "Atom / Leave the World Behind" - Nari & Milani vs. Laidback Luke vs. Swedish House Mafia

Atom is a bumpin' track with mass appeal.  Mix that with the work of SHM & Laidback Luke (Happy Birthday), and you've got a hype track for sure.

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"Committed to Sparkle Motion" - Discopolis (DubVision Remix)

The "ID track of the year," and one that we heard good ol' Axwell drop at Electric Zoo is finally released! Starting off with a slow drum beat and an echoing voice, the track anxiously tops off with a reverberating break. Blasting you off with touching lyrics and vocal work, Discopolis, a multi-talented 3 piece EDM band from Scotland, take you away with a lulling sound topped off by that classic Progressive House spin from DubVision. Grab this Axtone single while it's hot!

By Edward Fancher

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"Sunrise" (Won't Get Lost) - The Aston Shuffle Vs. Tommy Trash

This festival banger is the latest track to make its rounds at Tommy Trash's sweaty, head-bashing sets, and now it's finally been released following its live debut on Radio 1 from Ibiza with Axwell! Tommy T turns the Australian The Aston Shuffle's original on its head and transforms it into a Progressive anthem for the ages! Axtone has been releasing musical gold recently and this is just one of the many records up their sleeve this fall so watch out for more!

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By Edward Fancher


"Don't You Worry Child" - Swedish House Mafia (Music Video)

The Progressive House track that's been sweeping the EDM nation, "Don't You Worry Child," is set for US release September 18. Axwell, Ingrosso, and Angello redeem themselves from a disastrous "Save the World" music video with this breathtaking journey through their famed performance at the Milton Keynes Bowl in the UK. Fireworks in the sky, vast crowds, and enough love to make your heart stop beating, this video is a true gem. The final frame has written, which currently says that tour dates are coming soon... "We came, we raved, we loved" may need to be changed to present tense - SHM may not be done with the USA quite yet! Stay tuned for more!

By Edward Fancher


"In My Mind" - Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl (Walden Remix)

The song "In My Mind" is on its own one the most frequently used Progressive House tracks in today's sets. At just eighteen, Aussie producer Walden ambitiously remixed an already well-established EDM anthem, and pulled it off. Through designing his remix around the vocals of the original, sung by tens of thousands at festivals worldwide, Walden's version shares the same uplifting vibe as the original, accompanied by his own unique melody. After an embarrassingly shitty remix of "In My Mind" featuring Flo Rida, (who thought that was a good idea?) Walden has restored order. I respect Walden for mixing such a huge track, taking the risk that comes with it, and releasing a track worthy of the original (and of Axwell's remix). If you’re a fan of his style, or Progressive House in general, make sure not to miss a Walden original, “Brightness”.

Out today on Beatport!

By Will Payne

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