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Free Download: "Breathe With Me" - At Dawn We Rage

Wow. Only a few days after releasing a very chill remix of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Swimming PoolsAt Dawn We Rage has gone in the exact opposite direction and released ‘Breath With Me’. This Drumstep banger is the exact opposite of chill, with a scorching opening synth piece backed up by a solid drum beat. The drop comes hard and fast (the only way to do for a Drumstep track), and the breakdown brings the entire track together. At Dawn We Rage has been on top of their game as of late, and each new track they release just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. 

Free Download

By Jack Ulrich

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Track of the Day: "Swimming Pools (At Dawn We Rage Fest Edit)" - Kendrick Lamar

As most of you have probably figured out by now, I’m not the biggest fan of rap and hip-hop. However, one of the exceptions for me is Kendrick Lamar, who is one of the most legitimately talented lyricists I’ve ever heard. The original mix of ‘Swimming Pools’ is one of my favorite non-EDM tracks, and At Dawn We Rage’s remix makes it that much better. This remix is the perfect way to chill out after a long night of raging, and is also excellent for easing your Tuesday Blues. At Dawn We Rage has made some quality remixes before (specifically, their remix of Adventure Club and Krewella’s ‘Rise and Fall’), but their ‘Swimming Pools’ edit is completely different from any of their previous tracks. Hopefully they start releasing more remixes like this one, because I can’t get enough of it.


By Jack Ulrich