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Track of the Day: "Heirloom" - Fon.Leman

In the latest release under his alias Fon.Leman, Russian producer Alexey Leman takes us under his spell. "Heirloom" is a true masterpiece of sound, capable of imprinting memories in the listener. The song like the title conveys a sense of calm nostalgia that is complimented by a heavy bassline and echoing lyric cuts. Music like this is a miracle from the moment you first take in the sound, which makes it no wonder why this has been picked up in recent days from some of the best DJs in Trance and Progressive. Leman has had a long journey behind him after starting his craft at the age of 13, but after hearing this it's clear that he lots of doors waiting for him. Grab it when it drops but for now enjoy the exclusive original mix without radio interruption!

By Edward Fancher


Free Live Set Downloads: ASOT 600 Sao Paulo

Brazil is one of the sexiest and most colorful places I've ever been to, so watching the live stream of the show last night made me extremely jealous. If there's a place where the people are born and raised on beach, booze, sun, and smiles, it's this South American country, where the positive energy vibrates at right about 140 bpm. Last night the ASOT Expedition made its landing in the country's largest city Sao Paulo, bringing hours of showstopping Trance and Progressive to the salivating crowd. If you weren't a fan of ASOT yet, you are about to be after checking out these stacked playlists. I was particularly impressed with Markus's set last night, but also really enjoyed Armin and De Ronde's performances as well. Watch out for new IDs being posted on the site, but for now check out the free set downloads!

Armin van Buuren (Warm-Up)

Jorn van Deynhoven

Armin van Buuren

Markus Schulz

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Track of the Day: "Apollo" (Dash Berlin 4 AM Remix) - Hardwell ft. Amba Shepherd

One of the most geniune and talented vocalists I know Amba Shepherd has been riding a rising wave of success with her back to back dance floor hits. If you missed Dash Berlin's mix for ASOT 600 in Mexico City today you have quite the surprise ahead of you. "Apollo" (Dash Berlin 4 AM Remix) has a trance synth build up, that will have your hands up in the air and drops hard into a different sound for Dash. Although it has the feel of a Trance composition, this is a new level of heavy sounds for Dash Berlin. We are the lucky ones for having such talented artists collaborating to bring us one of the best tracks of the year!


Dash Berlin Live @ ASOT 600 Mexico City


By Brooke Forman


Free Set Downloads: ASOT 600 Madrid

I'm sure you all are still recovering from yesterday's steamy Valentine's No Pants Trance Party. The first stage of The Expedition still has us all here at the Lounge on a high that we'll not be coming down from soon. The first installment of ASOT 600 was a musical journey for the books, and one that needs to be relived, or at least appreciated if you missed its live air yesterday. Below are all of yesterday's sets. Personally, I think Giuseppe Ottaviani and Lange absolutely murdered it. Armin rolled up his sleeves and churned out two very impressive sets.

Armin (Warm-Up Set)

Alexander Popov


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Track of the Day: "Musa" (Original Mix) - Andrew Rayel

As you probably know by now, I’m a pretty big fan of Dubstep, Moombahton, and Trap. But what very few people know about me is that, deep down, I forever will be a Trancehead through and through. Although I spend most of my time finding new tracks from different genres, I always make sure I set aside some time to look for new Trance tracks. I happened to be doing that the other day and stumbled upon a new track from one of my favorite Trance producers, Andrew Rayel. "Musa" had the honor of being the ASOT 599 Tune Of The Week, and after listening to it I can hear why. This one has everything you could ever want: a deep, melodic buildup and some absolutely face-melting synths. Heck, there’s even an opera score in there too. Andrew Rayel has confirmed yet again why he is one of my favorite producers. There hasn’t been an official release date yet, but look for "Musa" to drop sometime in April on none other than Armada Music.

Stream & Download ASOT 599

By Jack Ulrich

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