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"Five Finger Death Punch" - Norin & Rad

Trance fanatics get ready for Norin & Rad's newest track which will release September 17th on Anjunabeats! Bruce Karlsson and Nick Sember who make up the duo, "Two Mad Men from California," are breaking through and getting support from all over the globe as Above & Beyond prodigies. "Five Finger Death Punch" has an uplifting chord progression that will have your heart fluttering and your hands sky high! Close your eyes and press play on last week's TATW Record of the Week!

By Brooke Forman

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"Unity" - Audien

The young Connecticut native, freshly signed to Above & Beyond’s own label, Anjunabeats, has repaid his new label’s support by releasing a jaw-dropping two track EP entitled Eventide / Unity.  This soon-to-be trance megalith creates a melodic heaven through his upbeat, airy synths that are comparable to those of Arty. "Eventide" was first featured on Pierce Fulton’s radio show Get Weird episode 003, and this is just the first of the publicity that is to come for this young producer.  Audien creates a sense of peace and tranquility through his euphoric melodies that are sure to capture the attention of Trance lovers and amateur listeners alike. "Unity" is an end-of-summer hit that captures the emotion associated with the serenity and lightheartedness of the summer but infuses an energetic melody to bring all music lovers together. Beginning with a soothing, yet energetic build, the drop surprises with an Electro, glitchy sound but then reverts back to its roots of a big-room Trance anthem. This uplifting tune evokes an impulsive sensation to get lost in the music and dance the night away. Perfect for summer nights, this is a song that will be a go-to for iPod playlists and festival sets around the country. Be sure to check out Audien’s other track on the EP, "Eventide," which induces a similar trance euphoria that will entice all Anjunabeats lovers.

By Tommy Carolin


"Stranger" - Jaytech ft. Steve Smith

Recently featured as Record of the Week on Above & Beyond's TATW, Jaytech's "Stranger" is a massive new Anjunabeats trance record! "Stranger" is the first of many bigroom-sound anthems off of Jaytech's highly-anticipated upcoming album Multiverse (set to release 8/13) -- and if the rest of the album proves to be as good as this track we'll be in for an absolute trance delight. Jaytech expands upon his normal melodies in "Stranger" by melding an uptempo groove with piano and spot-on vocals from Steve Smith of Dirty Vegas. Don't miss this one!

Out now on Beatport!

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Small Moments Like These" - Above & Beyond (Free Download)

One of my favorite acts in EDM today, Above & Beyond, present "Small Moments Like These," a brand new trance record! The last year was a landmark one for the English trio, from playing the 400th episode of their widely circulated Trance Around the World radio show from Beirut to touring all around the United States on their Group Therapy tour. Now the three are on their way to Ibiza for a summer residency at Cream. Check out the video for "Small Moments Like These," and make sure to grab the free download!


By Edward Fancher


Trance Therapy Tuesday

After hearing this twice at Above & Beyond's Group Therapy shows, I have to say I am obsessed with this Anjunabeats track. With an uplifting beat, this track instantly makes the dance floor electric. In the right setting, this song is perfect to start building a moment in a set. The beginning of the song is not too interesting, but once it builds into the melody it becomes pure magic. You can't help but just smile and sway your head. So just close your eyes and get lost in this track - who knows, maybe you'll find yourself getting some Group Therapy at home. 

The genius producer is at it again with "Undertow." Taking Ana Brun's emotional vocals and pairing them with his own style, Bayer makes this track yet another memorable dance hit. After being Record of the Week on Trance Around the World 423, it's obvious that Ana Brun isn't the only one caught in Andrew Bayer's "undertow." Take a listen and see for yourself. 

By April Surrency