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Track of the Day: "Sinai" - Bluestone

It's the first Anjunabeats release of the year, and it feels so good! Bluestone's tracks have been the highlight of Above & Beyond's sets for the past few months, and we're pretty sure we heard remnants of this one in the mix at their Oakland POP NYE show. "Sinai" gets going with an agressive bassline before breaking into shimmering bells and echoing tribal calls. The track has a distinct element of humanity to it with its indistinguishable emotional lyrics that get leave you inundated in the snowballing sound that will sweep you off your feet. And then it all breaks, the rain is gone, the sun is out, and you're so happy to be alive! This beautiful piece of music is out soon.

Listen to ABGT 009

By Edward Fancher


"Multiverse" - Jaytech (Audien Club Mix)

Prepare to soar high with American producer Audien's massive club-fix of Jaytech's title track from his second album. Keeping the original melody of the original, Nate Rathbun turns up the bass on "Multiverse" to create a heavy Trance track full of groove and emotional weight. The result is a bubbly delight, a symphony of euphoria filled breaks and dips, something that you would only expect from Group Therapy radio. After only 4 episodes of magic, Above & Beyond has already brought us hit after hit and they won't stop for anything. Brace yourselves for that Anjunabeats sound that you've already fallen deeply in love with, and get ready to hear this one from sea to shining sea as the saga of the USA Trance takeover continues into 2013!

By Edward Fancher

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Trance Tuesday ft. Above & Beyond, Maor Levi, & Gal Abutbul

"Liquid Love" - Above & Beyond (Maor Levi Remix)

Maor Levi is a frequently visited producer on Trance Tuesdays because of his amazing versatility. From creating straight bangers, to melodic pieces of art, he simply can't be talked about enough. The debut of this track was featured in Bangalore, India for TATW 450 / ABGT 001 and it is still ringing in my ears. This time he is treating us to a classic, with a modern twist. Taken off Above & Beyond's classic album Tri-State, he gives the song a new pair of kicks. Still maintaining the sonorous vocals of the renowned Richard Bedford, you can bet he does the song justice. New and old Trance fans, feast your ears on this classic, and find yourself caught in the epic bassline Maor Levi creates.

"Spring Breeze" (Original Mix) - Gal Abutbul

This massive tune was released just yesterday and is already ranked at #95 on Beatport's top 100. Israeli producer Gal Abutbul is exuding Audien's signature style with this track and it works amazingly. After hearing this track on ABGT 003, I just had to feature it because it is a beautiful combination of ambient vocals, a driving melody and an interesting bassline. Grabbing his claim to fame under the Armada label, he has the backing of respected producers such as Markus Schulz. It may be winter but you can still get a taste of that "Spring Breeze" with this track. Warm your ears up to this one and get yourself familiar with Gal Abutbul, because something tells me this won't be the last we'll be hearing of him. 

Golden Oldie

"Home" (Club Mix) - Above & Beyond

As Dash Berlin predicted on his Twitter, "2013 will be the year for trance!" And boy, does that have us excited. After featuring Maor Levi's remix of Liquid love, and hearing Genix's remix of "Home", I decided it would be appropriate to dust off and pay homage to another Above & Beyond classic. "Home" is another track off their debut album, and it still maintains enormous relevance today. On ABGT 001, Above & Beyond ended their legendary set with this one - which is fitting since it was one of the many songs that gave the trio their name. Nearly 6 years after the track was released, it is still played and enjoyed by many. With lyrics that resonate with nearly any audience, A&B shows the world how Trance can be made to withstand the test of time. TranceFamily members and EDM fans alike will be sure to feel at "Home" in the arms of this familiar tune. Enjoy.


By April Surrency

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"Dream On Little Dreamer" - Brooke Forman, DJ Eco, & Sean Winters

I don't think anyone in the world can profess a greater love for Tony, Jono, and Paavo than our very own Brooke Forman. The NY-based singer and one of my best friends has been huge into the Anjunabeats movement since first seeing them a few years back here at the Best Buy Theater. Together with her and Above & Beyond, I have shared countless spiritual experiences through Trance music, from the mega-clubs of Ibiza to outdoor festivals at Randall's Island here in New York City. Last week the TATW era came to a bittersweet end, as the British Trance collab expand their horizons and go forward with their goal of touching hearts around the world through Group Therapy. Today marks our very important 2nd expedition into ABGT radio, guest mixed by veteran Armin van Buuren, and I couldn't think of a better way to show our gratitude towards them than through this brilliant acoustic cover medley that highlights, and takes a spin on some of their most popular hits. I am pleased to say that along with veteran Trance DJ Eco, a fellow NY-based musician whose spectacular productions have been featured countless times on popular radio shows like ASOT, and Sean Winters, "Dream On Little Dreamer" is everything and more than you could imagine. The medley highlights Anjuna-favorites, seamlessly moving from "Alchemy," to "On a Good Day," to "Sun and Moon," with lines from "You Got to Go," "Love Is Not Enough, and "Breaking Ties" thrown into the mix. If this isn't going above and beyond for A&B, I don't know what is. We love you guys!

By Edward Fancher


Track of the Day: "Easy" - Porter Robinson & Mat Zo

This track is not what I expected, and not enough can be said about it, so I'll keep this short. Mat Zo's perfected Trance groove is given a soulful and jazzy boost with the help of Porter Robinson. "Easy" is an EDM love song for the ages with an uplifting edge that will carry you high above the crowd! This unreal track is incredibly refreshing, the perfect finale to almost a decade of Trance Around the Worldand  the perfect anthem to signal the reincarnation into Group Therapy! They were in India after all.

By Edward Fancher

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