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Find Your Sanctuary: Above & Beyond @ Roseland Ballroom

The three iconic Brits who've been at it for over a decade are hard to beat, and so were those subwoofers. But there's so much more than can be said of the night. For one thing, I have been to countless shows at the Times Square dance ballroom, and never was it this packed. The line to get in the show snaked out from the entrance wrapping its way around Broadway stretching all the way back up to the back of the venue on 53rd. 

The energy was high when our group finally got in the venue and situated about 10 people from the photo pit stage right. The stacked soundsystem together with the acoustics of Roseland really make a perfect venue for listening to something like Anjunabeats with its long punching basslines and uplifting synth chords. A&B broke the silence after Andrew Bayer left the decks with their classic set-opener "Small Moments Like These" then set off into the mix which was in fact one of the longest sets I've seen them play.

The thing about Above & Beyond is that their productions are so musically unique, yet they all adhere to a certain simplicity which compliments the catchiness of the tune, in turn leading to its success. This ends up making their shorter sets more of a concert than a mix, because no one wants to see A&B without hearing "Sun & Moon" or "Black Room Boy."

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Set Download: Above & Beyond @ Anjunabeats Volume 10 Roseland NYC

Get yourself out of bed with an unforgettable live set! The rip goes starts from 30 minutes after the "Small Moments" prelude all the way to the encore. Above & Beyond's party to launch Anjunabeats Vol. 10 at Roseland may have been the most hyped show in NYC EDM history, and I heard nothing but "rave reviews." Big shoutout to Doug van Sant for for the awesome pics! Tracklist soon. Hope you all enjoy waking up to some Group Therapy. 


By Edward Fancher


"Aldo" (Original Mix) - Norin & Rad

Only just hitting the festival circuit last year, Golden State natives Bruce Karlsson (Norin) and Nick Sember (Rad) have already packed the floors from Exchange LA to Electric Zoo, and there's no slowing down for them in 2013. With a unique set style consisting of many of their own productions and mashups, with some mixed live, N&R are set for a landmark year which kicks off tonight at Roseland Ballroom. "Aldo," with its first debut on Above & Beyond's mix for BBC Radio 1, is set to be featured on the Anjunabeats Volume 10 compilation that we're celebrating tonight. Even more exciting is the fact that we get to meet the two tonight and ask them some questions we've been dying to get answers to. Hope to see you all there it's going to be a night we'll never forget!

By Edward Fancher


"Pink Skye" - Ronski Speed & Syntrobic ft. Renee Stahl

My energy is starting to flow, and after tomorrow I don't think I'll be able to sleep. Anjunabeats is about to hit the big city like a meteor, set to incinerate Midtown with silky beats and long milky Trance lines that you'll drown in. Ronski Speed has been making moves on the label lately, with his "Sanity" Dub Mix set for release on the forthcoming Volume 10 compilation. This dreamy vocal track is even newer though, and if watching A&B's current tour videos holds to be accurate, you may hear them drop it. The stakes are high this weekend, I for one have never anticipated a single show more than this one. One thing is for sure, Saturday night we unite at Roseland Ballroom. Saturday night we all get lost in the music together!

By Edward Fancher


Preview: "Walter White" (Heisenberg) - Above and Beyond

The countdown has begun. For us here in the New York area, the scent of Group Therapy is in the air. After two busy years of being part of the NYC EDM community, I can hardly think of a more anticipated (or legitimately sold-out) show than what awaits us next Saturday: Anjunabeats Volume 10 with Above & Beyond at Roseland Ballroom. I can hardly write this without getting emotional over what will be a night of pure euphoria, unadulterated bliss through long deep basslines, angelic chords, and enough love to spark the dancefloor on fire. If you haven't seen Paavo, Jono, and Tony lately, you are in for an absolute treat. Their newest production, first heard as an ID on TATW 450, is nothing but mindblowing. Back in January Brooke and I heard this on the floor of POP NYE in Oakland, and I could hardly believe my senses.

If you're a diehard Breaking Bad fan like me, this one will set you back in your seat. After a painfully deep interlude filled with deep, chainsaw bass that shook the arena from floor to ceiling, flashing before my eyes was their famous LED screen with text that Tony was writing: "This one goes out to Walter White... Aka Heisenberg." Then like we were being beckoned from the heavens, the deep rhythms broke into tense chord sections that gave us all shivers. This one has yet to have a release date, but if it's the first followup production to Group Therapy, count me as a happy A&B fan. I can just imagine Bryan Cranston's voice sampled over this right before the break... "SAY MY NAME." 

By Edward Fancher