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"Lose Sight" - Andrew Bayer ft. Ane Brun

This is not your typical Anjunabeats release, but that doesn't matter. While the majority of the artists on its roster adhere to its pop-Trance image, a few characters have always stuck sorely out of the web. Andrew Bayer has shown us through the years a remarkable musicality that bridges the gap between 121-138 and slower stirring tracks like this. As the first single off his upcoming album If It Were You, We'd Never Leave "Lose Sight" carries a heavily textured sound that's reminiscient of the more soulful days of electronica. Weaving together breaks with Norwegian songwriter Ane Brun's doleful vocal samples, Bayer paints for us a vivid picture of life and its many dramas that is sure to survive the test of time.

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By Edward Fancher


Playlist: Anjunadeep Presents Matt Lange 01

I've always been a huge fan of Matt's so it's nice to see a lot of his work over the past two years put into one package. As a producer, Matt strives for detail and synchronicity between the differing layers that mesh together in his tracks. A careful listen to this compilation is truly astonishing; through just twelve of his remixes and originals we are able to see to the very core of his musical craftsmanship and storytelling abilities. As one of Anjunabeats' most diverse characters, the American musical prodigy carries us through the mist to the wide array of different possibilities that are available to him as a composer of electronic music. His sound is as elusive as the penetrating basslines that carry us from one track to the next, wavering between Deep House, Progressive Trance, and dark, ambient electronica. As Anjunabeats carries on into 2013 adopting a more heavy, Electro sound to cater to the EDM masses, its sister label Anjunadeep seems to be making the push necessary to fill the void being left behind. This is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates musical artistry and deep groove, a definite A+ in my book. 


01. Matt Lange "Rift"
02. Matt Lange "Bad Year Blimp"
03. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer vs. Trifonic & Matt Lange "Quadcore"
04. Matt Lange "That Much Higher"
05. Matt Lange "A Deeper Shade"
06. Matt Lange "Avalon"
07. Matt Lange "Nutclap"
08. Matt Lange "Revolver"
09. Matt Lange "Other Stories"
10. Matt Lange "Griffith Park"
11. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer "To The Six" (Matt Lange Remix)
12. Andrew Bayer "Counting The Points" (Matt Lange Remix)
13. Anjunadeep pres. Matt Lange 01 "Bonus DJ Mix"

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By Edward Fancher


Norin & Rad: The EDM Lounge Interview

These two Cali boys are set for the biggest days of their lives tomorrow. It couldn't have been a better day to post this interview, with them opening the 15th annual Ultra Music Festival tomorrow afternoon and headlining the Anjunabeats Pool Party Saturday at the National. Their performance in February closing for Above & Beyond was without a doubt the most innovative Electro House or Trance set I've heard in months - and I'm not just saying that. With a malleable sound that somehow remains always identifiable, Norin & Rad are becoming the scene's biggest enigmas. As Anjunabeats continues to take them closely under their wing into the 2013 season, we will all be closely watching their next moves. But for now, here are some questions we asked them that magical night back in Manhattan. 

How do you close a set after Above & Beyond?

It took a little bit of getting use to. Our first experience was in Australia. The first two nights were a little
rocky, we were bouncing around trying to figure out what to play next, but by the third night it was
Sydney and I think we were confident and had it down
, so at that point we revamped the whole set and it ended up working in our favor. The whole crowd loved it, so after we got that formula down, its been a lot easier since then.

Is such an amazing honor to be closing tonight at the Anjunabeats Volume 10 release party, how do youfeel to be where you are now compared to where you were a few years ago?

It's a complete 180 - a few years ago we were showing up in Cali at these kinds of shows in the crowd and loving the music. Now we get to see it from both sides and experience everything. It’s unreal!

Were you guys big Anjuna fans before?

Yes, we’ve always been, so being on their label now is a dream come true. It's not just any ordinary label, it’s a family. It's very epic!

How did the two of you meet and begin to collaborate?

We met through mutual friends at a musical festival. We had no idea that we both were into making
music and after a few weeks of hanging out, him and I decided to make music together. I was already DJing a little, while he showed me stuff he was trying to produce, it was sounding really good so we said why don't we try to start something here.

That's awesome! How was it to first initially meet A&B?

There was actually a great moment by one of the clubs we live around back in Cali, Paavo
dropped "The Gift," and Paavo ran down and brought us on stage and said he has always wanted to do this to someone.

Can we expect to hear any vocal releases from you?

Yes, we are hoping this year will be our first one.

How do you feel about collaborating with up and coming vocalists?

We are really into trying to find the one. Him and I don’t really want that Trance sound in a vocalist,
we can create the trance sound with our backing track, but we want the vocalist to be something new and different. They aren’t really doing that now and I feel like if we can grasp that indie vibe we'll have something cool going on.

I just heard Aldo and I loved it, is there a new album or EP in the works for you guys?

This is going to be a single for Anjunabeats. We have another one coming a few weeks later with a completely different genre. We'll have an EP in a few months.

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Free Download: Miami 2013 Mix - Norin & Rad

Norin & Rad have quite the past few months around them after just being accepted into the tight-knit citcle of DJs and producers who have become names in the industry. The two Californians have been aggressively working out a sound that they can be identified with, which in its developmental stages is a high-energy Electro-Trance kind of hybrid. But it would be incorrect to classify these two in the same boat other "Trouse" producers like Ummet Ozcan, Armin van Buuren, and Arty have taken in the past six months. There's a certain simplicity and groove to their sound that the others don't seem to have which makes them such a perfect fit under the Anjunabeats banner. The two are set for the biggest day of their careers tomorrow afternoon as they open the UMF Worldwide Stage Friday, and the 15th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival. The energy and the expectations are high, so I'm curious how they manage to win over the Miami crowd after a good February showing back in Manhattan. For now get a sneak peek of what's coming tomorrow with their mix just for Winter Music Conference, available for free download!


01. Roul & Doors - Melody in Harmony [Flamingo]
02. Kryder - Vyper [Cr2]
03. John Dahlback - Get Wild [Mixmash]
04. Norin & Rad - Snap [Anjunabeats]
05. Flavored Velcro - My Reason [Reshape]
06. Mat Zo vs. Empire Of The Sun - Walking On Superman (Norin & Rad Mashup) [CDR]
07. Zedd feat. Foxes - Clarity (Style Of Eye Remix) [Interscope]
08. Sander Van Doorn & Mark Knight feat. Underworld - TEN (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom]
09. Dataworx - Rock Your Body (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom]
10. Andrew Bayer - England [Anjunabeats]
11. Norin & Rad - Aldo [Anjunabeats]
12. Style Of Eye feat. Bessem - Norway [Fool's Gold]

By Edward Fancher


"England" - Andrew Bayer

This has been popping off as an intro to A&B sets for the past few months, and now the original mix is finally here with the release of Anjunabeats Volume 10. I have a huge amount of respect for Andrew Bayer, who in my mind is one of the most gifted talents the world of Electronic Dance Music is blessed with. Though this strays from a lot both his classic "In & Out of Phase" sound and the most recent previews he's been pushing out, it gets the energy pumping on the floor hard with some Electro House flair. Unlike his usual soft sound which is heavy on the bass and backbeats, "England" is an in-your-face ode to the night and a perfect way to start any set. Watch out for more features from Volume 10 as we roll them out!

Anjunabeats Volume 10 - Out now on iTunes!

By Edward Fancher